CL- Lab Assays

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  1. name liver/ glall bladder assays
    • ALT
    • ALP
    • AST
    • ammonia
    • bile acid
    • bilirubin
    • BSP
    • Cholesterol
    • GGT
    • SDH
  2. name the protein assays
    • TP
    • Albumin
    • Globulin
    • A/G ratio
    • Fibrinogen
  3. we test ___ by putting into a EDTA tube, centrifuging, and drawing off supernatant.
  4. We tests ___ by allowing it to clot for 30 minutes, centrifuging, and drawing off supernatent.
  5. things that alter blood chemistry
    • lipemic
    • hemolysis
    • ictherus
    • medications
    • hyperproteinemia
    • dehydration
  6. how do we test for TP
    refractometer and chem profile
  7. tested by bromcresol green dye binding for chem profile
  8. tested by measuring the diff in TP and albumin
  9. heat precipitation test for chem profile on __ using an EDTA tube
  10. screener test for liver dz. Its numbers can level out in a few days, normally.
  11. non specific liver damage that can mean liver dz or necrosis. Its numbers will gradually change.
  12. liver enzyme that we look for in large animals for hepatocellular damage or necrosis
  13. a liver enzymes found more in younger animals. can be found from cartilage, placenta, and bones
  14. a liver specific enzyme (period)
  15. bilirubin is _a_?

    it is found in 2 forms. What conditions are associated with each?
    breakdown product of hemolysis

    • Conjugated: bile obstruction
    • Unconjugated: jaundice, liver failure, open bile duct
  16. enzymatic test that will control fat break down and stabilization of cholesterol levels.
    bile acids tests
  17. bile duct obstruction is called what?

    what conditions are associated with this?

    DM, cushings dz, hypothyroid
  18. test for PSS
  19. a liver test in which you can not use whole blood because the RBC will release nitrogen which will artificially raise the levels.

    what tube do we use instead?

    free heparinized tube
  20. name kidney assays
    • BUN
    • Creatinine
    • BUN/ Creatinine
    • Urine Protein/ Creatinine
    • Uric Acid
    • GFR tests
  21. BUN stands for ...?
    blood urea nitrogen
  22. which three bacterial infections can cause an increase in urease and hence increase BUN
    • 1- Staff. aureus
    • 2- Proteus
    • 3- Klebsiella
  23. a by-product of muscle breakdown that lets us know how the glomerulus is working
  24. a ratio that reflects GFR that should be less that 1.
    BUN/ Creatinine ratio
  25. ratio in which cystocentesis is necessary.
    Protein/ Creatinine ratio
  26. a kidney assay more so for avians thats shows their typical breakdown of nitrogen
    uric acid
  27. name pancreatic assays (9)
    • amylase
    • lipase
    • trypsin
    • insulin
    • glucose
    • fructosamine
    • insulin tolerance
    • glucose tolerance test
    • glucagon
  28. name exocrine pancreatic assays
    • amylase
    • lipase
    • trypsin
    • insulin
  29. found in pancrease, salivary glands, and small intestine that breaks down starches and glycogen.

    what conditions cause an increase in its levels?

    what tube do we never use?

    pancreatitis, enteritis, ulcers of small intestine

    dont use calcium binding ABT tube
  30. filtered pancreatic enzyme that is filtered through the kidney that increases in pancreatitis and pancreatic dz
  31. enzyme that breaks down protein in food that we look at to identify pancreatic insufficiency
  32. enzyme we monitor to identify insulinoma
  33. test we use to find the wave of glucose levels
  34. name adrenal gland assays (3)
    • ACTH stimulation test
    • Dex Suppression test
    • CRH
  35. name thyroid tests (2)
    • TSH response
    • TRH response
  36. an adrenal gland tumor can cause ___
    cushings or addisons dz
  37. name pituitary assays (2)
    • GH evaluation
    • GHRH response
  38. increases GH will cause
    agromegaly: increased growth
  39. name 7 important electrolyte tests
    • Ca
    • P
    • Na
    • K
    • Mg
    • Cl
    • Bicarb
  40. Using a Ca containing tube to get Ca levels will ...
    artifically increase Ca
  41. Electrolyte found in bone, some RBC and has an inverse relationship with Ca.
  42. hemolysed rbcs with ___ P number
  43. electrolyte that pulls water and is usually accompanied by Cl

    which tube do you never use to test this electrolyte?

    heparinized salts (green tube)
  44. electrolyte in which we use plasma to test because platelets will release it
  45. electrolyte in every tissue
  46. electrolyte that accompanies Na

    hemolyzed rbcs will ___ this electrolyte

  47. a electrolyte that is measured by CO2.

    It is a buffer and will ___ if you let it sit

    where is the best place to get a sample

    change due to glycolysis

  48. name misc assays (7)
    • CK
    • Lactate
    • Gastrin
    • Fecal
    • Lipid absorbtion
    • Folate
    • Cobalamin
  49. a muscle wasting found in hourse and cattle down on ground causing damage. It usually can not be localized.

    what condition can usually cause this?
    CK or creatinine kinase

  50. anaerobic metabolism may mean not enough oxygen. Bacterial activity that breaks down RBCs.
  51. stomach activity test for ulcers and GI function and lipid metabolism
  52. jejunum absorption
  53. ileum absorbsion and measurement
  54. dark stool bc of early bleeding in stool that became digested
  55. frank blood seen in or on stool
  56. toxicology assays (5)
    • lead
    • nitrate/nitrite
    • rodenticides
    • hb denaturation
    • ethylene glycol
  57. basophilic stippling on RBCs means
    lead poisoning
  58. pigs, horses, and cattle eat stuff with ... in feed and get poisoning
    nitrate/ nitrite
  59. warfaring disruption of vitamin K needed for clotting factors 2, 7, 9, 10
  60. CO, onions in dogs, maple leaves in horse, new methylene blue in cats cause
    Hb denaturing
  61. ethylene glycol is commonly known as ___

    it causes what condition

    irreversible kidney dz
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