CL EndoParasites

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  1. time from infection to being diagnosed
    pre-patent period
  2. where parasite lives and feeds such as how the dog is for heart worm
    definitive host
  3. larval/ immature/ asexual stage only, such as the mosquito is for heart worm
    intermediate host
  4. stage at which a parasite is contagious such as the microfilarial stage of heart worm in dogs
    diagnostic stage
  5. Which Endoparasite Am I?

    infects various tissues
    commonly found in blood
    variable IH
    • Protozoans
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  6. name 3 protozoans
    • giardia
    • toxoplasmosis
    • coccidia
  7. Which Endoparasite Am I?

    Trophozoite in intestinal lining
    contains cysts
    affects multiple species
    no IH
    symptoms include: diarrhea, fever, maybe vomiting
    • Giardia
    • protozoan
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  8. name 3 tests we can do to identify giardia
    • direct smear
    • Fecal float
    • snap test
  9. Which Endoparasite Am I?

    all warm blooded animals are IH
    cats are DH
    Symptoms include: anorexia, wt loss, GI upset, neurological, abortions, lymph enlargements
    • toxoplasma gondii
    • protozoan
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  10. which tests identifies toxoplasma coccidia
    fecal exam
  11. Which Endoparasite Am I?

    isospora spp.
    Host specific
    Sporulated vs Unsporulated
    Symptoms include: chronic diarrhea, inflammation, blood loss
    • coccidia
    • protozoan
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  12. a group of endoparasites that have diverse complicated life cycles, seperate sexes, and can be foun in blood, urine and feces
    • nematodes
    • roundworms
  13. name the 8 nematodes we will focus on in class
    • heartworm
    • dipetalonema
    • roundworm
    • hookworm
    • whipworm
    • capillaria
    • threadworm
    • cat lungworm
  14. what endoparasite am I?

    filarial nematode
    mosquito is IH
    affects dogs, lethal to cats
    symptoms include: exercise intolerance, dyspnea, coughting, weight loss, lethargy
    • dirofilaria immitis
    • heart worm
    • nematode
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  15. 5 tests we use to identify heartworm
    • Heartworm snap Ag kits
    • ultrasound
    • blood examination
    • buffy coat examination
    • modified knot test
  16. modified knots tests requires _A_ and _B_
    • a- formalin
    • b- methylene blue stain
  17. what endoparasite am I?

    filarial nematode
    dogs are DH
    fleas, ticks, lice are IH
    has a blunt head and hooked tail
    • Dipetalonema reconditum
    • nematode
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  18. Which endoparasite am I?

    up to 18 cm worms
    multiple infection routes
    symptoms include: distended abdomen, diarrhea
    • toxocara
    • roundworm
    • nematode
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  19. what tests identifies toxocara spp?
    fecal floatation
  20. what endoparasite am I?

    affects dogs
    3 spp.
    symptoms include: anemia, bloody mucoid diarrhea, pneumonia
    • Ancylostoma
    • hookworm
    • nematode
    • Image Upload
    • Image Upload
  21. what are the 3 ancylostoma spp?
    • A. caninum
    • A. braziliense
    • U. stenocephala
  22. can you identify this egg
    Image Upload
    • ancylostoma braziliense
    • hook worm spp
    • nematode
  23. Which endoparasite am I?

    infects dogs, sheep, cats, pigs
    lives in the colon and cecum
    symptoms include: bloody mucoid diarrhea, wt loss, anemia
    3 spp
    • Trichuris
    • whipworm
    • nematode
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  24. which test identifies Trichuris?
    fecal floatation
  25. what are the 3 trichuris spp
    • T. vulpis
    • T. ovis
    • T. suis
  26. which endoparasite am I?

    cats and dogs are DH
    2 spp
    • Capillaria
    • roundworm
    • nematode
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  27. what are the 2 spp of Capillaria and which of the two's life cycle is completely new
    • C. plica
    • C. aerophila
  28. Which endoparasite am I?

    infects multiple animals and young animals more
    eggs hatch in small intestine
    symptoms in dogs: bloody diarrhea, enteritis
    symptoms in cats: enteritis, diarrhea
    • Stronglyloides
    • threadworm
    • nematode
    • Image Upload
    • Image Upload
  29. which spp does this egg belong to?
    Image Upload
    • strongyloides spp
    • threadworm
    • nematode
  30. Which endoparasite am I?

    lungworm in cats
    LRT infection
    snails and slugs are IH
    cats are DH
    symptoms include: sneezing, dyspnea/ wasting, death
    • Alerostrongylus Abstrusus
    • lungworm
    • nematode
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  31. which tests identifies alerostrongylus abstrusus?
    • fecal baermann
    • TW
  32. Which endoparasite am I?

    • Cestode
    • tapeworm

    Image Upload
  33. which spp does this egg belong to?Image Upload
    • dipylidium caninum
    • cestode
    • tapeworm
  34. what 3 spps of cestodes/ tapeworms are there?
    • Diplylidium
    • Taenia
    • Echinococcus
  35. which spp does this egg belong to?
    Image Upload
    • Taenia spp
    • cestode
    • tapeworm
  36. which endoparasite am I?

    rabbits and rodents are IH (peritoneal cavity)
    dogs are the DH (small intestine)
    symptoms in puppies only include: diarrhea, ileus, pot belly
    no symptoms in older dogs
    • Taenia spp
    • cestode
    • tape worm
  37. name a taenia spp
    T. pisiformis
  38. What endoparasite am I?

    2 spp
    hydatid tapeworm
    dogs and cats are DH (small intestine)
    ruminants, horses, pigs, humans are IH
    symptoms in IH include: space occompanying mass, dyspnea, death
    symptoms in DH include: enteritis
    • echinococcus spp
    • cestode
    • tapeworm
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  39. what tests identifies Echinococcus granulosus?
    • fecal float
    • ELISA
  40. what two spp of echinococcus/ cestode are there?
    • E. granulosus
    • E. multicularis
  41. what tests identifies Echinococcus multicularis?
    • good history
    • fecal float
    • biopsy (bx)
  42. what egg is this?
    Image Upload
    • Echinococcus granulosus
    • cestode
    • tapeworm
  43. 3 types of proglottids stages in the tapeworm
    Image Upload
  44. what endoparasite am I?

    2 spp
    left shaped
    snail is IH
    miracidium larval stage
    • trematodes/ flukes
    • flatworms
  45. what are the 2 spp of trematodes/flatworms?
    • Paragonimus kellicoti
    • fasciola hepatica
  46. what endoparasite am I?

    lung fluke
    dogs, cats, and primates are DH
    snails, crayfish are IH
    symptoms include: cough, dyspnea, lethargy, pleuritis, peritonitis
    • trematode
    • "flukes"
    • flatworm
    • Image Upload
  47. tests to identify P. kellicoti, trematode (flukes)?
    • fecal sediment
    • fecal float in sugar
  48. what egg is this?
    Image Upload
    • Paragonimus kellicoti
    • lung fluke
    • trematode
    • flatworm
  49. what egg is this?
    Image Upload
    • Fasciola hepatica
    • liver fluke
    • trematode
    • flatworm
  50. what endoparasite am I?

    liver fluke
    ruminants, horses, pigs, primates are DH
    snails, slugs are IH
    lives in liver and bile ducts
    symptoms include: death
    • fasciola hepatica
    • trematode
    • flatworm
    • Image Upload
  51. Gross Examination: 4 things we look for:
    • 1- consistency
    • 2- color
    • 3- mucus
    • 4- parasites
  52. for fecal smears start at _A_ power. best detail is seen in _B_ power. A _C_ can help you identify eggs by size.
    • a- 100
    • b- 400
    • c- micrometer
  53. what density or SG does a solution have to be in order to suspend eggs to the top?
    1.200-1.250 SG
  54. what 3 floatation solutions do we use?
    • 1- sodium nitrate
    • 2- sheather's solution
    • 3- zinc sulfate
  55. which floatation solution is best for giardia?
    zinc sulfate
  56. what type of analysis is used for large animals
  57. for ___, use sedimentation technique bc eggs are heavy enough to sink
  58. fecal culture:

    put sample in a covered jar that has been rinsed with _A_. Store in the dark for _B_ days. Larvae can be found in _C_.
    • a- 0.9 % sodium carbonate
    • b- 7-10 days
    • c- droplets
  59. a good method of testing for nematodes in which larvae will sink in warm water. it includes a ring stand, funnel, tube with clamp, and cheesecloth.
    Baermann apparatus
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