IELTS voc2

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  1. gesture
    • body movement
    • action communicating something
  2. infancy
    • babyhood
    • beginning
    • (infant)
  3. milestone
    important event
  4. peer
    person with equal standing with another
  5. stage
    • period or step during process
    • phase, step, point
  6. toddler
    young child
  7. abstract (noun)
    • summary
    • intellectual concept
    • conceptual, theoretical
  8. cognitive
    concerned with acquiring knowledge
  9. clumsy
    moving awkwardly
  10. fond
    • feeling affection: feeling love, affection
    • I have grown fond of this old house.
    • experiencing pleasure
  11. rebellious
    opposing or defying authority
  12. imitate
    mimic somebody
  13. reminisce
    • tell about the past
    • recall, evoke
  14. throw a tantrum
    be angry, carry on, make a scene
  15. bear in mind
    remember, keep in mind
  16. broaden the mind
    • widen the mind, extend the vision of something
    • expand the mind
  17. it slipped my mind
    went out of my head, forgot it
  18. my mind went blank
    my mind went empty
  19. put your mind at ease
    comfort your mind
  20. spurt
    • jet of liquid or gas
    • sudden burst of energy
  21. overly
    too much
  22. unparalleled
    having no equal
  23. indulgent
    kind and permissive
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