otras expresiones

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  1. and (in front of a word beginning with an i)
  2. or (in front of a word beginning with an o)
  3. hug
    el abrazo
  4. letter
    la carta
  5. drawing
    el dibujo
  6. what (not as a question), that which
    lo que
  7. I / you/ etc. would like
    me/te/le/nos/ les gustaría
  8. lie
    la mentira
  9. to ask for, to order, to request
    pedir (i,i)
  10. to say you are sorry
    pedir perdón
  11. to ask for permission (to do something)
    pedir permiso (para)
  12. to borrow
    pedir prestado, -a
  13. by phone
    por teléfono
  14. to mean
    querer decir
  15. dear
    querido, -a
  16. the truth (its true)
    la verdad, es verdad
  17. Im sorry
    lo siento
  18. (he) knows it
    (él) lo sabe
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