CL Ectoparasites

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  1. parasite that hangs out on the outside of the host
  2. an arachnid is a __ or __
    tick or mite
  3. insects are __, __, or __
    fleas, lice, or flies
  4. ectoparasites include ___, ___, and ___.
    insects, arachnids, and some nematodes
  5. 3 typical signs of ectoparasites
    • scratching
    • rump dragging
    • excessive licking and biting
  6. 3 sample types we collect to test for :

    a- mites
    b- lice and mites
    c- general collection
    skin scraping

    cellophane tape preps

    parasite collection
  7. 5 things you need for a skin scraping
    • 1. #10 blade to dip in...
    • 2. mineral oil
    • 3. clippers
    • 4. microscope
    • 5. gloves
  8. what mite will you find superficially?

    what mite will you find deep in the follicle?
    sarcoptes scabei (scabies)

  9. you need to scrape deep in skin until it oozes because this ectoparasite is deep in the follicle
  10. Name 7 mites
    • Sarcoptes Scabei
    • Demodex
    • Notoedres Cati
    • Chorioptes
    • Cnemidocoptes pilae
    • Psoroptes
    • Cheyletiella
  11. what ectoparasite am I?

    long unjointed pedicle
    entire life cycle in DH
    bred on skin and burrow to lay eggs
    symptoms include: puritis and dermatitis especially on the ears, ventrum, and elbows
    • scabies
    • Sarcoptes Scabei
    • Mite
    • Image Upload 1
  12. what ectoparasite am I?

    5 life cycles
    lives in hair follicles and sebaceous glands
    symptoms include: patchy alopecia, muzzle,face, and forelimbs
    • Demodex
    • mite
    • Image Upload 2
  13. what ectoparasite am I?

    cats and rabbits are DH
    life cycle is similar to Scabies
    long unjointed pedicle
    symptoms include: pruritis and dermatitis at ears, neck, back, face, and feet
    yellow crusting around infected area
    • Notoedres cati
    • mite
    • Image Upload 3
  14. what ectoparasite am I?

    large animals and ruminants are DH
    short unjointed pedicles.
    symptoms include: serum exudate (oozing), pruritic feet, tail, legs, and distal limbs on horses.
    • Chorioptes
    • mite
    • Image Upload 4
  15. What ectoparasite am I?

    infects parakeets
    symptoms include: scaly leg in budgies on epidermis of feet and pads. honey comb masses.
    • Cnemiodocoptes pilae
    • mite
    • Image Upload 5
  16. what ectoparasite am I?

    infects rabbits
    long jointed pedicles
    symptoms include: external ear looks like dried cornflakes, inflammation, and increased karoten
    Image Upload 6
    • rabbit ear canker
    • psoroptes cuniculi
    • mite
    • Image Upload 7
  17. what ectoparasite am I?

    short unjointed pedicles
    highly transmissible
    symptoms include: otitis externa, infected tail, head, and ears
    • ear mite
    • Ododectes Cynotis
    • mite
    • Image Upload 8
  18. what ectoparasite am I?

    non-burrower mite
    likes fur and keratin layer of dermis
    eggs hatch in 3 days
    Nymphs molt to adults in 4 days
    symptoms include: dermatitis, dry/scaly skin, alopecia, hyperpigmentation
    • Walking Dandruff
    • cheyletiella
    • mite
  19. Cellophane tape prep is used to find ___ and ___.

    which 4 spp do we find with cellophane tape preps.
    lice and mites

    cheyletiella, psoroptes, chorioptes, and pinworms
  20. what 3 tools do we need for cellophane tape preps
    • scotch tape
    • mineral oil
    • glass slide
    • cover slip
  21. which ectoparasite am I?

    voracious blood feeding
    8 legs w/claws
    4 stages of life
    dont like excessive weather
    symptoms include: females saliva causes tick paralysis and death
    • Ticks
    • Image Upload 9
  22. name two types of soft tick spp
    • otobius megnini
    • argas persius
  23. what is the common name for otobius megnini?

    what is the common name for argas persicus?
    otobius megnini = spinose ear tick

    argas persicus = fowl tick
  24. which ectoparasite am I?

    parasitic larval and nymphal stage
    west US
    dont get bigger as they engorge
    symptoms include: deep ear canal waxy buildup
    • otobius megnini
    • Image Upload 10
  25. which ectoparasite am I?

    likes kennels and houses
    dogs are DH only
    hexagonal basis capitulum w/ lateral projecting legs
    gray female when engorged
    carries Babesia canis
    symptoms include: severe anemia
    • brown dog tick
    • rhipicephalus sanguineus
    • hard tick
    • Image Upload 11
  26. which ectoparasite am I?

    rectangular bases capitulum
    eastern US
    grassy/ scrub-like areas
    Rodents, dogs, humans are DH
    carries RMSP which causes paralysis
    ornate scutum w/ white striping
    females are bluish gray when engorged
    • Amercian Dog tick/ wood tick
    • dermacentor variabilis
    • hard tick
    • Image Upload 12Image Upload 13
  27. which ectoparasite am I?

    carries Borrelia borgdorferi
    carries Ehrlichia
    carries Hemobartonella
    carries Babesia
    white tail deer and humans is DH
    • Deer tick/ Black legged tick
    • ixodes scapularis
    • hard tick
    • Image Upload 14
  28. Identify and name which ectoparasite carries it:
    Image Upload 15
    • Borrelia Burgdorferi
    • spirochete bacteria

    • Deer tick/ black legged tick
    • ixodes scapularis
    • hard tick
  29. Which ectoparasite am I?

    scutum has white spot
    southern US
    carries Tularemia, RMSF
    symptoms include: painful bits, anemia,
    • Lone star tick
    • Amblyomma americanum
    • hard tick
    • Image Upload 16
  30. Which ectoparasite am I?

    herbivores, dogs, humans are DH
    humid environment
    symptoms include: severe bites, swelling, tick paralysis, droopy pinna in ear infestations.
    • Gulf Coast Tick
    • Ambylomma maculatum
    • Image Upload 17
  31. Which ectoparasite am I?

    all life cycles on DH
    1 DH
    carries Babesia bigemina
    • Texas Cattle Fever Tick
    • boophilus annulatus
    • hard tick
    • Image Upload 18
  32. name 3 different insect ectoparasites.


  33. name 3 different types of lice
    chewing lice

    biting lice

    sucking lice
  34. name 2 orders of lice

  35. biting/ chewing lice
  36. sucking lice
  37. name mallophaga lice

    name anoplura lice
    Trichodectes canis

    Linognathus setosus
  38. Which ectoparasite am I?

    transmittable by fomites or contact
    • lice
    • Image Upload 19
  39. infestation that can cause anemia
  40. how can you dx lice
    hair clippings and grab with forceps, put under microscope with mineral oil.
  41. which ectoparasites am I?

    biting lice
    4 wk life cycle all on DH
    carries dipylidium caninum
    symptoms include: itchy, irritable on skin, hair, and feathers
    • Mallophaga
    • Trichodectes canis
    • biting lice
    • Image Upload 20
  42. Which ectoparasite am I?

    all life cycles on host
    transmissible by contact or fomites
    carries Dipetalonema reconditum (false heartworm)
    symptoms include: irritable skin, hair, and feathers
    • anoplura
    • Linognathus setosus
    • Image Upload 21
  43. Which ectoparasites am I?

    2 spp
    dogs, cats, and humans are DH
    carries Dipetalonema reconditum
    carries Dipylidium caninum
    carries Bartonella
    symptoms includes: skin dermatitis, irritation
    • Fleas
    • Ctenocephalides
    • Image Upload 22
  44. name 2 Ctenocephalides spp
    C. canis

    C. felis
  45. The sand fly carries ___
    • Leishmania spp
    • Image Upload 23
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