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  1. Narcotic analgesic
    given for acute pain. maybe habit forming
  2. Anti-inflammatory Analgesics
    Primarily for disorders of joints
  3. Anticonvulsants
    treatment of seizures
  4. Antiparkinson agent
    treatment of parkinson's disease
  5. Anxiolytics
    are administrered to relieved anxiety and tension
  6. Antipsychotics
    reduce mental tension and anxiety related to psychotic disorder
  7. General Anaesthetics
    produce unconsciousness
  8. Local anaesthetic
    produces loss fo sensation in limited area
  9. Epidural Anaesthetic
    injected into the space between the membranes of the spinal cord to produce anaesthesia from the area below. to relief pain rather than loss of sensation
  10. Statins
    lower cholesterol drug
  11. insulins
    necessary for metabolism of carbohydrates
  12. Antihyperglycemics
    control hyperglycemia in stable or mild conditions of DM
  13. Glucocorticoids
    treat inflammatory conditions
  14. Antitussive expectorant
    facilitate expectoration and control cough
  15. brochodilators
    open up constricted air passages
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