Chapters 7-9

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  1. A collection of computers and other hardware devices that are connected together to share hardware, software, and data, as well as to communicate electronically with one another.
    Computer Network
  2. a phone, such as a cellular or satellite phone, that uses a wireless network.
    Mobile Phone
  3. A mobile phone that communicates via a cellular network; aka cell phone.
    Cellular phone
  4. A mobile phone that can be used with omre than one communications network, such as with both a cellular and Wi-Fi network.
    Dual-mode phone
  5. A mobile phone that communicates via satellite technology
    Satellite phone
  6. The use of computers, video cameras, microphones,and networking technologies to conduct face to face meetings over a network
  7. A system that uses satellites and a receiver to determine the exact geographic location of the receiver
    Global Positioning system (GPS)
  8. the use of computes and neworking technology to enable an individual to work from a remote location
  9. a form of robot assisted surgery in which the doctor's physical location is different from the patient's physical location and the doctor controls the robot remotely over the internet or another network
  10. a netowkr in which computers and other devices are connected to the network via physical cables
    Wired network
  11. A network in which computers and other devices are connected to the network without physical cables, data is typically sent via radio waves
    wireless network
  12. A network that uses a host device connected directly to several other devices
    Star Network
  13. a network consisting of a central cable to which all network devices are attached
    Bus network
  14. a network in which there are multiple connections between the devices on the network so that massages can take any of sever possible paths
    Mesh network
  15. A network that connects an individual's personal devices that are located close togethor
    Personal area network (PAN)
  16. A network that connects devices located in a small geographical area, such as within a building
    Local area network (LAN)
  17. A network designed to service a metropolitan area
    Metropolitan area network (MAN)
  18. a network that connects devices located in a large geographical area
    wide area network
  19. a private network that is set up similar to the internet and is accessed via a web browser
  20. an intranet that is atleast partially accessible to authorized outsiders
  21. a private, secure path over the internet that provides authorized users a secure means of accessing a private netowrk via the internet
    virtual private network (VPN)
  22. a type of data transmission in which the bits ina byte travel down the same path one after the other
    serial transmission
  23. a type of data transmission in which bytes of data are transmitted at one time, with the bits in each byte taking a separate path
    Parallel transmission
  24. a networking cable consisting of wire strands twisted in sets of two nd bound into a cable
    Twisted-paired cable
  25. a networking cable consisting of a center wire inside a grounded, cylindrical shield, capable of sending data at high speeds.
    Coaxial Cable
  26. a networking cable that utilizes hundreds of this transparent fibers over which lasers transmit data as light.
    Fiber-Optic cable
  27. A form of broadcast radio designed for use with cellular telephones that broadcasts using antennas located inside honeycomb shaped cells
    Cellular Radio
  28. an earth-based device that sends and receives high-frequency, high-speed radio signals
    Microwave station
  29. a wireless networking medium that sends data as infared light rays
    Infrared (IR) transmissions
  30. A networking protocol that uses packet switching to facilitate the transmission of massages; the protocol used with the internet.
  31. A widely used wired LAN networking standard
  32. a widely used networking standard for medium-range wireless networks
  33. an emerging wireless networking standard that is faster and has a greater range that Wi-Fi
  34. a version of WiMAX designed to be used with mobile phones.
    Mobile WiMAX
  35. A networking standard for very short-range wireless connections; the devices are automatically connected once they get within the allowable range
  36. Network Interface Card (NIC)
    Network adapter
  37. A device that connects multiple networks togethor: routes packets to their next location in order to effeciently reach their destination.
  38. a device on a network hat amplifies signals
  39. a type of multiplexer that combines multiple messages and sends them via a single transmission medium in such a way that all the individual messages are simultaneously active, instead of being sent as a single combined message
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