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  1. allergy
    hypersensitivity to substance
  2. anxiety
    feeling of worrying
  3. appetite
    desire of food
  4. artery
    type of blood vessel
  5. asset
    valuable thing
  6. cravings
    • strong desire for something
    • (longing, yearning)
  7. diagnosis
    identification of illness
  8. infection
    • communicable disease
    • virus, bug(informal)
  9. ingredient
    item in recipe (component of a mixture)
  10. insomnia
    difficulty in sleeping
  11. intake
    amount taken in or consumed
  12. junk
    rubbish, cheap stuff
  13. nutrient
    nourishing substance
  14. obese
  15. onset
    start, the beginning of something
  16. serving (n)
    quantity of food provided
  17. therapy
    treatment to cure
  18. acute
    extremely serious, severe, or painful
  19. brisk
    • quick: done quickly and energetically
    • brusque: talking in abrupt way
  20. chronic
    long lasting: describes an illness or medical condition that lasts over years
  21. moderate
    • small: not great, large or severe
    • reasonable
  22. persistent
    continuing despite (despyt) problems
  23. counteract
    lessen effect of something
  24. curb
    hold something back: to restrain, control
  25. diminish
    • make or become smaller
    • reduce
  26. disrupt
    • disturb, interrupt
    • destroy order
  27. overdo
    • do something to excess
    • do something too much
  28. trigger
    • make something happen
    • memories triggered by the sight of old photos
  29. sight
    faculty of seeing
  30. plenty
    large amount
  31. dietitian
    nutrition specialist
  32. debilitating
    weakening: reduce somebody's strength or energy
  33. writhe
    • move in twisting way
    • she was writhing in agony
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