Bio ch.24

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  1. Speciation
    The process by which one species splits into two or more species
  2. microevolution
    Changes over time in allele frequencies in a population
  3. macroevolution
    the broad patter of evolution above the species level
  4. Biological species concept
    A group of population whose members have the potential to interbreed in nature and produce viable, fertile offspring, but cannot with members of other such groups
  5. Reproductive Isolation
    The existence of biological factors(barriers) that impede members of two species from interbreeding and producing viable, fertile offspring.
  6. Hybrids
    Offspring that results from interspecific mating
  7. Prezygotic barriers
    a reproductive barrier that impedes mating between species or hinders fertilization if interspecific mating is attempted
  8. Postzygotic barriers
    A reprocutive barrier that prevents hybrid zygotes produced by two different species from developing into viable, fertile adults.
  9. morphological species concept
    characterizee a species by body shape and other structural features
  10. ecological species concept
    veiws a species in terms of its ecological niche, the sum of how members of the species interact with the nonliving and living parts of their enviroment
  11. phylogenetic species concept
    defines a species as the smallest group of individuals that share a common ancestor, forming one branch on the tree of life
  12. allopatric speciation
    gene flow is interupted when a popuation is divided into geopgraphically isolated subpopulation
  13. sympatic speciation
    speciation ocurs in a populations that live in the same geographic area
  14. Polyploidy
    cell division that results in extra sets of chromosomes creating in a new specie by accident
  15. Autopolyploid
    an individual that has more than two chromosome sets that are all derived from a single species
  16. allopolyploid
    A sterile hybrid that becomes a fertile polyploid after various mechanisms in subsrquent generations
  17. Hybrid Zone
    a region in which members of different species meet and mate, producing at least some offspring of mixed ancestry
  18. Reinforcement
    a process in wchich a process in which natural slection strengthens prezygotic barriers to reproduction
  19. punctuated equalibria
    periods of apparent stasis puncuated by sudden change
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