sexual psychology chapter 8

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  1. erotic fanasies
    source of pleasure and arousel; overcome anxiety and facilitate sexual functioning
  2. Maltz hierarchy (+3)
    authentic sexual intimacy; emotional openness and closeness
  3. Maltz hierarchy (+2)
    making love; pleasure focused, experimental
  4. Maltz hierarchy (+1)
    positive role fufillment; social-role model, sex for reproduction
  5. Maltz hierarchy (-1)
    impersonal interaction; lack of responsibility for birth control, STIs
  6. Maltz hierarchy (-2)
    abusive interaction; sexual dominance and coersion
  7. Maltz hierarchy (-3)
    violent interaction; sex used to express hostility, rape
  8. Sexual repertoire of lesbians
    often more creative than that of heterosexuals
  9. Shere hite study
    greater sexual satisfac-tion between women occurs because “ lesbian sexual relations tend to be longer and involve more all- over body sensuality”
  10. tantric sex
    the male learns to control and delay his own orgasm and to redirect the sexual energy throughout his and his partner’s body
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