Chapter 6

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  1. Xs
    • Slowly biodegradable substrate
    • destroyed by hydrolysis
    • generated during decay
  2. XI
    • Inert particulate organic material
    • Neither generated or destroyed
  3. XB,A
    • active autotrophic biomass
    • includes both NOB and AOB
  4. XNS
    • particulate biodgradable organic nitrogen
    • formed by decay
    • destroyed by hydrolysis
  5. XD
    Biomass debris from death and lysis
  6. SO
    • oxygen
    • removed by aerobic growth of heteros and autos
  7. SNO
    • Nitrate nitrogen (mg/L as N)
    • formed by aerobic growth of autorophs
    • lost as electron accepor for anoxic growth of heteros
  8. SNH
    • ammonia nitrogen (mg/L as N)
    • formed by ammonificaion of SNS
    • Lost to growth of heteros and autos
  9. SNS
    • Soluble biodgradable organic nitrogen (mg/L as N)
    • Formed by hydrolysis of particulate organic nitrogen
    • Lost by ammonification to SNH
  10. Typical value for YA
    0.24 mg biomass COD formed/ mg nitrogen oxidized
  11. Amount of oxygen required to accept the electrons removed durng oxidation of ammonia to nitrate
    4.57 g O2/g N
  12. Amount of oxygen required when nitrate is used as electron acceptor for anoxic growth of heteros
    2.86 g COD/g N
  13. If WW contains insufficient alkalinity, growth of _______ bacteria will cease. Why?
    • Autotrophic.
    • carbon is missing and pH drops
  14. SALK
    • alkalinity
    • formed by denitrification
    • consumed by autotrophic growth
  15. g
    correction factor for growth under anoxic conditions
  16. h
    Correction factor for hydrolysis under anoxic conditions
  17. Typical value for YH
    0.60 mg biomass COD formed/ mg COD removed
  18. Typical value for Hmax
    0.25 hr-1
  19. Typical value for Ks
    20 mg/L as COD
  20. Typical value for KO,H
    0.10 mg/L as O2
  21. Typical value for KNO
    0.20 mg/L as N
  22. Typical value for Amax
    0.032 hr-1
  23. Typical value for KNH
    1 mg/L as N
  24. Typical value ofr KO,A
    0.75 mg/L as O2

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Chapter 6
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