Chapter 6

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  1. Xs
    • Slowly biodegradable substrate
    • destroyed by hydrolysis
    • generated during decay
  2. XI
    • Inert particulate organic material
    • Neither generated or destroyed
  3. XB,A
    • active autotrophic biomass
    • includes both NOB and AOB
  4. XNS
    • particulate biodgradable organic nitrogen
    • formed by decay
    • destroyed by hydrolysis
  5. XD
    Biomass debris from death and lysis
  6. SO
    • oxygen
    • removed by aerobic growth of heteros and autos
  7. SNO
    • Nitrate nitrogen (mg/L as N)
    • formed by aerobic growth of autorophs
    • lost as electron accepor for anoxic growth of heteros
  8. SNH
    • ammonia nitrogen (mg/L as N)
    • formed by ammonificaion of SNS
    • Lost to growth of heteros and autos
  9. SNS
    • Soluble biodgradable organic nitrogen (mg/L as N)
    • Formed by hydrolysis of particulate organic nitrogen
    • Lost by ammonification to SNH
  10. Typical value for YA
    0.24 mg biomass COD formed/ mg nitrogen oxidized
  11. Amount of oxygen required to accept the electrons removed durng oxidation of ammonia to nitrate
    4.57 g O2/g N
  12. Amount of oxygen required when nitrate is used as electron acceptor for anoxic growth of heteros
    2.86 g COD/g N
  13. If WW contains insufficient alkalinity, growth of _______ bacteria will cease. Why?
    • Autotrophic.
    • carbon is missing and pH drops
  14. SALK
    • alkalinity
    • formed by denitrification
    • consumed by autotrophic growth
  15. Image Uploadg
    correction factor for growth under anoxic conditions
  16. Image Uploadh
    Correction factor for hydrolysis under anoxic conditions
  17. Typical value for YH
    0.60 mg biomass COD formed/ mg COD removed
  18. Typical value for Image UploadHmax
    0.25 hr-1
  19. Typical value for Ks
    20 mg/L as COD
  20. Typical value for KO,H
    0.10 mg/L as O2
  21. Typical value for KNO
    0.20 mg/L as N
  22. Typical value for Image UploadAmax
    0.032 hr-1
  23. Typical value for KNH
    1 mg/L as N
  24. Typical value ofr KO,A
    0.75 mg/L as O2
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Chapter 6
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