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  1. What curve determines fuel flow for a turboprop?
    power required
  2. Define Maximum Endurance
    The amount of time an airplane can stay airborne on a given amount of fuel
  3. Define Maximum Range
    The greatest distance over ground an airplane can fly for a given amount of fuel
  4. What performance profile occurs at L/Dmax?
    Prop Max Range
  5. What is the effect of weight on maximum endurance and maximum range? What happens to maximum endurance and maximum range airspeed when weight is increased?
    Weight increase requires an increase in Pr and Tr. Hence more fuel flow will occur and MaxRange and MaxEndurance performance will decrease.
  6. What is the effect of altitude on maximum endurance and maximum range? What happens to maximum endurance and maximum range airspeed when altitude is increased?
    altitude increase implies a drop in temperature. Engine is leaned at higher altitude so fuel flow is decrease. Max Range and Max Endurance performance will increase. The airplane will be flying at a higher velocity (TAS)
  7. What effect does a tailwind have on maximum range and maximum endurance? Their airspeeds?
    A tailwind does not affect maximum endurance. It will positively effect Maximum Range. The airplane will also fly at a lower velocity.

    Headwind will negatively affect Max Range. The airplane will be forced to increase power in order to fly faster.
  8. What effect does lowering the landing gear have on fuel flow at maximum endurance airspeed?
    Landing gear down implies increase in Drag. Drag is compensated by increase in Thrust and Power required. Thus Fuel Flow is increased and maximum endurance performance is decreased.
  9. Define maximum angle of climb
    The highest vertical speed for shortest distance travelled over ground.
  10. How do props achieve maximum angle of climb?
    Full Throttle and at a speed slower than L/Dmax.
  11. What profile should a pilot fly to clear a tall obstacle on takeoff? What airspeed is this in the T-34C?
    Max AOC @ 75KIAS
  12. How do altitude and weight changes affect maximum rate of climb and maximum angle of climb?
    • An increase in altitude will decrease Max ROC and AOC.
    • Weight increase will also decrease both Max ROC and AOC. The airplane will have a higher airspeed. AOA will stay the same.
  13. What is the name of for the altitude at which maximum power excess equals zero?
    Absolute Ceiling
  14. At what AOA and velocity would you achieve maximum glide endurance?
    higher AoA and slower Velocity
  15. At what AoA and velocity would an airplane achieve maximum glide range?
    L/D Max AoA and Velocity
  16. What item of configuration will cause the greatest increase in sink rate?
    propeller feathering
  17. What are the throttle requirements in relation to airspeed in the region of reverse command?
    Decrease in airspeeed requires an increase in throttle
  18. In the region of reverse command, what is the effect of an increase in angle of attack with no change in throttle?
    A power deficit which will slow the airplane to a stall.
  19. State the motion that each control surface creates
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