Bio ch.26

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  1. Phylogeny
    The evolutionary history of a group of species or group of species
  2. Systematics
    A discipline focused on classifying organisms adetermining their evolutionary relationships
  3. Taxonomy
    How organisms are named and classified
  4. Binomial
    The two part format of a biological name
  5. Genus
    The first part of a binomial
  6. What's the order of linnaean system?
    Species, genus, family,order,class,phylum,kingdom,domain
  7. Taxon
    The named taxonomical unit at any level of the hierarchy
  8. Phylogenentic tree
    A branchingdiagram that represents a hypothesis aboutthee evolutionary history of a groupoff organisms
  9. Phylocode
    Proposed system of classification oforganisms based on evolutionary relationships. Only groups that include a common ancestor and all of its descendants are named
  10. Branch points
    The divergence of two or more taxa from a common ancestor
  11. Sister taxa
    Groups of organisms that share an immediate common ancestor
  12. Rooted
    A branch point within the tree represents the most common ancestors of all taxa in the tree
  13. Basal taxon
    A lineage that diverges early in the history of a group
  14. Polytomy
    A branch point from which more than two descendant groups emerge
  15. Analogy
    Similiaritybetween two species that is due to convergent evolution rather than to descent from a common ancestor with the same trait
  16. Homoplasy
    An similiar analogous structure or molecular sequence that has evolved independently in two species
  17. Molecular systematics
    The discsupine that uses data from DNA and other molecules to determine evolutionary relationships
  18. Cladistic
    An approach to systematics in which organisms are placed into groups called clades based primarily on common descent
  19. Clasdes
    A group of species that includes an ancestral species and all of its descendants
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