Japanese Ki Phrase

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  1. to be careful
    • 気を付ける (つける)
    • to attach ki
  2. to be thoughtful, sensitive to the needs of others
    • 気が利く (きく)
    • ki is effective
  3. to get worked up about, get angry, get excited
    • 気が立つ (たつ)
    • ki stands upright
  4. to be reluctant, not want to do something,
    • 気が進まない (すすまない)
    • ki does not go forward
  5. to feel fulfilled, satisfied
    • 気が済む (すむ)
    • ki feels at ease
  6. to notice, become aware
    • 気が付く (つく)
    • ki becomes attached
  7. to be strong willed, strong of heart
    • 気が強い
    • ki is strong
  8. to be timid, cowardly
    • 気が弱い (よわい)
    • ki is weak
  9. to faint, become light headed, feel overwhelmed
    • 気が遠くなる (とおくなる)
    • ki goes far away
  10. to be uninterested, indifferent
    • 気がない
    • there's no ki
  11. to feel exhausted (after stress), feel spent
    • 気が抜ける (ぬける)
    • ki is left out, missing
  12. short temperted, impatient
    • 気が短い (みじかい)
    • ki is short
  13. to hurt one's feelings, wrong someone the wrong way
    • 気に障る (さわる)
    • to hinder/interfere with the ki
  14. to be on one's mind, worry about, be bothed by
    • 気になる
    • to become ki
  15. to pay attention, attend to other's wishes
    • 気を配る (くばる)
    • to distribute ki
  16. to feel as if...
    ~ような気がする / ~そうな気がする
  17. to bother someone, weigh on one's mind
    • 気にかかる
    • to bridge, span the ki
  18. to be pleased with, suit
    • 気に入る
    • to enter, get into the ki
  19. to mind (negative), care about, worry
    • 気にする
    • to do to the ki
  20. to pay attention to other's need's, attend to, bother (to do something)
    • 気を使う
    • to use ki
  21. You should continue until you're satisfied
  22. I hope you like it.
  23. Don't bother, please
  24. To feel as if you can tell someone anything
  25. I'm concerned about my health
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