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    Picea pungens 'Fastigiata'

    Columnar blue spruce

    Zone 2

    Branches have a upward growing habit, making for a columnar shape. Desired for shape in framing and as a good formal plant in design. Grows 20-30 ft. tall and 5-10 ft. wide.
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    Picea pungens 'globosa'

    Globe blue spruce

    Zone 2

    Grows in a ball form and is sometimes grafted onto another trunk called a standard to create a kind of lollipop look. Grows into a tight ball that is 3-5 ft. tall and wide.
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    Picea pungens 'Pendula'

    Weeping blue spruce

    Zone 2

    Small tree dr. suessish tree with weeping habit. Same needle and cone construction as colorado blue spruce. Specimin tree for weeping habit and color. Grows 5-10 ft. high and wide.
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    Plumeria rubra


    Zone 10

    • Flowers in a funnel shape. Flowers come in a variety of colors including yellow, white, pink, purple, red, and etc. Blossoms are fragrant and blooms from summer to autumn.
    • Grows up to 25' tall and 15' wide
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    Sophora secondiflora

    Texas mountain laurel

    Zone 8

    Green and grey pinnea odd leaves (meaning they are in pairs with an odd one on the end), fragrant flowers that are a violet blue similar to wisteria, blooms in clusters in early spring and have pea pods after blooming. Grows up to 30' tall and 15' wide.
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    Tulbaghia violacea

    Society garlic

    Zone 8

    Strong garlicy smell, pinkish purpley flowers that grow in clusters of up to 20. Bloom nearly year round. Used mostly as ground cover. Grows 12"-18" tall and wide. Edible, can be used in the same way that garlic is used.
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    Rhododendron spp. 'Azalea'


    Zone 4

    Looks very much like the rhododendron only leaves are more gritty and fuzzy feeling where as the rhododendron leaves are incredibly glossy. Likes acidic soil and lots of organic matter in the soil. Blooms in lots of colors like pinks, reds, and whites.
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    Rhododendron spp. 'Rhododendron'


    Zone 4

    Commonly called "Rhoddy" for short, leaves ranging from 3" to 12" long, has leathery super glossy leaves. Blossoms in a variety of colors such as pinks, reds, and whites. Spring and summer blooming. Needs acidic soil that is rich in organic matter. Do best in filtered shade. Grows 6"-40' tall and 5'-20' wide.
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    Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'

    Creeping rosemary

    Zone 8

    Trailing habit, same construct as Rosemary, and can be used in the same way. Tolerant of low water usage, poor soil, likes full sun. Blooms little purple blossoms. Will creep 1'-3' down or out.
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    Rosmarinus officinalis


    Zone 8

    Distinct rosemary smell, likes full sun and is drought tolerant. Grows in a ball bush shape, makes for a good border or accent - herb garden. Grey green leaf color and blooms small blue spring flowers. Has a lot of uses! grows 2'-4' tall and wide.
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    Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera'

    Tanyosho Pine

    Zone 5

    Umbrella shaped pine with multi trunk system. 5 needle soft pine, shrubby, peely greenish red bark. Sometimes graft onto lollipop stick. Needs humidity to survive. Fairly expensive. Grows 10' tall and wide
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    Pinus nigra

    Austrian pine

    Zone 4

    Grown throughout the alps, one of the most popular pines, quite open and airy- so not good as a windbreak, silvery candle growth, needles cycle out every 2-3 yrs, so is messy. Helps to acidify the soil with o.m. made from the needles, which are 4-5" long 2 needle pine and circular. Bicolored cones and blackness in bark. Grows 50-60' tall and spreads 20-40'Image Upload
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    Pinus sylvestris

    Scotch pine

    Zone 3

    Orangish bark, small cone with extra horn on the scales 1-2 needle pine, 2" needles, nice silhoette desired for shape and bark color. Grows 30-60' tall and 30-40' spread
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    Pinus halepensis

    Aleppo pine

    Zone 8

    Doesn't have single top, so not conical chaped, very open and kind of scraggly looking. 4-5" needles 2 needle pine rough orangish brown bark, very shiny cones, grown a lot in the SW, very xeric. Grows 20-30' tall and spreads 10-15'.
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    Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf'

    Vanderwolf pine

    Zone 3

    Soft 5 needle pine blueish tones, dense tight needles, gets more open as gets older. Bark is kinda smooth looking, narrow 6" cones grows upward. Grows 20-30' tall and spreads 10-15'.
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    Pinus heldreichii var leucodermis

    Bosnian pine

    Zone 4

    Stiff sharp needles, yellow green color, xeric. Grows about 40' tall and spreads about 10'.
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    Pinus strobus

    White pine

    Zone 3

    5 needle soft pine needles stay 1-2 years so only keeps current season's needles which are 5-6" long. Seen a lot in midwest. noted for pom pom apearance, needs acidity and humidity, smooth bark shows layering more elongated and softish. Has 6-8" cones. Grows 50-80' tall and 20-40' in spread.
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    Pinus strobus 'Pendula'

    Weeping white pine

    Zone 3

    Weeping, used a lot in Boise, Specimin for habit. Grows 10-15' tall and spread
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