Chapter 4 verbs

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  1. auf-stehen
    to get up / to stand up
  2. auf-rAumen
    to clean up, straighten up
  3. auf-hOren (mit)
    to stop (doing something)
  4. an-rufen
    to call up
  5. an-fangen (fAngst, fAngt)
    to begin
  6. ab-holen
    to pick up (from a place)
  7. auf-wachen
    to wake up
  8. aus-gehen
    to go out
  9. ein-kaufen (gehen)
    to (go) shop(ping)
  10. ein-laden (lAdst, lAdt)
    to invite
  11. ein-schlafen (schlAfst, schlAft)
    to fall asleep
  12. fern-sehen (siehst, sieht)
    to watch television
  13. mit-kommen
    to come along
  14. mit-nehmen (nimmst, nimmt)
    to take along
  15. vorbei-kommen
    to come by
  16. vor-haben (hast, hat)
    to plan (to do)
  17. zu-hOren
    to listen
  18. zurUck-kommen
    to return, come back
  19. dUrfen (darf, darfst, darf)
    to be permitted to; may (Modal verb)
  20. kOnnen (kann, kannst, kann)
    to be able to; can (Modal verb)
  21. mOgen (mag, magst, mag)
    to care for; to like (Modal verb)
  22. mOchten (es mOchte)
    would like to (Modal verb)
  23. mUssen (muss, musst, muss)
    to have to; must
  24. sollen (soll, sollst, soll)
    to be supposed to; ought, should (Modal verb)
  25. wollen (will, willst, will)
    to want to; to plan to (Modal verb)
  26. frUhstUcken
    to eat breakfast
  27. spazieren gehen
    to go for a walk
  28. Ich gehe spazieren
    I'm going for a walk
  29. treffen (triffst, trifft)
    to meet
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