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  1. Gordon's sign
    is a clinical sign in which squeezing the calf muscle elicits an extensor plantar reflex. It is found in patients with pyramidal tract lesions, and is one of a number of Babinski-like responses.
  2. Palmar grasp reflex
    • Place your fingers into the baby's hands and press against the palmar surfaces. The baby will flex all fingers to grasp your fingers
    • Birth to 3-4 months
    • Persistance beyond 4 mo suggests pyramidal tract dysfunction
  3. Plantar grasp reflex
    • Touch the sole at the base of the toes the toes should curl
    • birth to 6-8 months
    • peristence beyond 8 montsh suggests pyramidal tract dysfunction
  4. Moro Reflex
    • Hold the baby supine supporting the head back and legs. Abruptly lower the entire body about 2 ft
    • The arms should abduct and extend hands open and legs flex. Baby may cry
    • Birth to 4 months
    • Persistence beyond 4 months suggests neurological disease like CP, beyond 6 mo strongly suggests it
    • Asymetrical response sugests fracture of the clavical or humerus or brachial plexus injury
  5. Asymmetric tonic neck reflex
    With baby supine turn the head to one side holding the jaw over the shoulder
  6. Three methods for breast exam:
    • Verticle
    • Circular
    • Wedge
  7. Condition where foreskin can not be retracted, may cause necrosis:
  8. Two brachical plexus lesions that can occur as a result of trauma during delivery -
    • Erb's
    • Klumpke
  9. The 6 Rights plus 1 for Consent
    • 1. The right patient
    • 2. The right drug
    • 3. The right time
    • 4. The right dose
    • 5. The right route
    • 6. The right documentation

    7. The right to refuse!
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