303 Duties Responsibilities

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  1. 303-02 Patrol Assignments
    COMMANDING OFFICER - Do not assign ___________ temporarily assigned to COMMAND to other than traffic duty except in emergency
  2. 303-03 RMP Sectors
    - request approval of ________ to establish a sector OR change boundaries.
    -notify ___________ through channels for necessary modifications to SPRINT SYSTEM.
    • -Borough Commander
    • - Chief of Department
  3. 303-09 Community Affairs
    -Manitain ______________ members at desk.
    -Maintain ______________ alphabetically listing individuals and organizations within CMD.
    -Notify ______________ of changes.
    • -Roster of council Members
    • -Community Affairs File
    • -Patrol Borough Community Affairs Coordinator
  4. 303-09 Community Affairs
    Executive Officer -
    -Maintain Liaison with _____________ And attend Council meetings.
    -Develope instructions concerning local police/community relations for inclusion in ____________ with assistance of _______.
    • -Community Council Leaders
    • -traning sessions
    • -training sergeant
  5. 303-09 Community Affairs
    COMMANDING OFFICER - Amber light Permit -
    -Review and approve application and forward to ____?
    -What must be forwarded with application/
    • -Chief, Community Affairs
    • -Identification card prepared by applicant AND TWO (2) bust-type PHOTOS of applicant
  6. 303-10 Pct Crime Prevention Security Survey
    -Who will prepare Crime Prevention Monthly Activity and Monthly Statictic Sheet AND where are they forwarded to?
    - The Precinct Commanding Officer will forward the above reports to __________ no later than WHEN?
    • -The PCT Crime Prevention Officer
    • -Crime Prevention Section
    • -3rd of the Following Month
  7. 303-26 Operational Guidelines for Managing Explorer Post Funds
    COMMANDING OFFICER will forward to ____________ through channels ANNUALLY, no later than __________
    a summary of the Post's financial activities for the previous year.
    • -Explorer Coordination Unit
    • -January 31 st
  8. 303-06 School Crossings
    Commanding Officer will ascertain times of MORNING ASSEMBLY, LUNCH PERIOD & FINAL DISMISSAL. Prepare RPT of facts and FWD with School Crossing Info Card through channels to_______???? When Establishing new crossing OR change of hours of coverage of existing crossing
    Chief of Patrol(through channels)
  9. 303-27 Trespass Affidavit Program
    Who confers with C.O. to ensure that the number of BLDG in the Trespaspass Affidavit Program can be patrolled frequently with possitive results?
  10. 303-27 Trespass Affidavit Progam
    Who will NTFY Chief of Patrol when it has been determined that there is a need for a building to remian in the program beyond the MAX 1 YEAR period?
  11. 303-27 Trespass Affidavit Progam
    When does the Crime Prevention Officer confer with the C.O. regarding the needs of a Building in the program?
    IF the Building needs to be in the program for MORE THAN 1 YEAR
  12. 303-09 Community Affairs
    The C.O. will submit a RPT with CPI check (through channels) to replace the Community Affairs Officer and the Youth Officer but who gives the final approval?
    Chief of Patrol
  13. 303-09 Community Affairs
    The ______________will keep members of the Command informed of community affairs issues affecting the command.
    Executive Officer
  14. 303-09 Community Affairs
    The_________ will develope instructions concerning local police/community relations for inclusion in training sessions with the assistance of training SGT
    Executive Officer
  15. 303-09 Community Affairs
    The __________shall be consulted on all FUND RAISING activities regarding Youth Councils
    Chief, Community Affiars
  16. 303-11 Staff Inspection
    The C.O. will have _________, __________, and _________ review and evaluate the self-inspection prepared by conducting a parallel inspection?
    • -Operations Coordinator
    • -ICO
    • -PRAA
  17. 303-12 Security of Department Facilities
    The __________will request Communications Division to install alarm system where necessary. Test the alarm system on the 1st of each month and record results in CMD LOG.
    Commanding Officer
  18. 303-18 Personnel Officer
    When a Personnel Officer is appointed, the C.O. will notify ___________ AND ________?
    • -Director, Empolyee Management Division AND
    • -C.O., Personnel Orders Section¬†
  19. 303-23 Youth Council
    The C.O. will direct the preparation of monthly report on typed letterhead detailing activities of Youth Council, forward the report to?
    Office of Chief, Community Affairs, Special Programs Unit
  20. 303-24 Blockwatcher Program
    How often will the Community Affairs Officer update blockwatcher records?
  21. 303-24 Blockwatcher Program
    Who submits monthly reports on typed letterhead to Office of Chief, Community Affairs?
    Community Affairs Officer
  22. 303-27 Trespass Affidavit Program
    Crime Prevention Officer will notify_________ when it has been determined that there is a need for a building to remain in the program beyond the maximum one year period
    Chief of Patrol
  23. 303-09 Community Affiars
    The Commanding Officer will Maintain community affairs file alphabetically listing individuals and organizations within the command.→ Notify______¬† of changes as they occur.
    Patrol Borough Community Affairs Coordinator
  24. 303-14 - Selection of Command Training Sergeant
    Once the Commanding Officer has selected candidate for Training Sergeant notify __________?
    Bureau/Borough Training Coordinator
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