Foodchem 16 Pictures

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  1. Draw D-glucose
  2. Draw D-fructose vs. L-fructose
  3. Draw Sucrose
  4. Draw lactose
  5. Draw maltose
  6. Draw raffinose
  7. Draw stachyose
  8. Draw inulin
  9. Draw D and L glyceraldehyde
  10. Draw the fischer projections of D and L glucose
  11. Draw an example of sugar epimers
  12. Draw an example of sugar enantiomers
  13. Draw an aldohexose
  14. Draw a ketohexose
  15. Draw a hemiketal and a hemiacetal
  16. Draw the formation of a hemiacetal
  17. Draw the formation of a hemiketal
  18. Draw the formation of the chair form of beta-glucose
  19. Draw the 2 possibilities for cyclic glucose
  20. Draw cycle closure by acid
  21. Draw the 3 possible forms of D-glucose in solution that are in equilibrium with each other
  22. Draw the breakdown of glucose equilibria
    (62% alpha pyranose, 37% beta pyranose, <1% open chain
  23. Draw fructose mutarotation product
  24. Draw fructose reacting in a basic conditions
  25. Draw how the reducing power of a sugar is lost
  26. Draw how equilibrium returning to aldehyde requires the OH group on the anomeric C
  27. Draw the difference between disaccharide reducing and non-reducing sugars

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Foodchem 16 Pictures
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Foodchem 16 Pictures

Foodchem 16 Pictures
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