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  1. aberration (aberejszyn)
    • abberacja, odstępstwo od normy zasad
    • a temporary change from the typical or usual way of behavingIn a moment of aberration, she agreed to go with him.I'm sorry I'm late - I had a mental aberration and forgot we had a meeting today.
  2. abhor (abho)
    • czuć odrazę, nienawidzić I abhor all forms of racism.
    • to hate something, for example a way of behaving or thinking, especially for moral reasons
  3. acquiescence (akłiesens)
    przyzwolenie ustępliwość
  4. alacrity (alakriti)
    • żwawość, skwapliwość, ochoczość
    • She accepted the money with alacrity.
  5. amiable (ej mi ebol)
    • życzliwy, uprzejmy (np. osoba, charakter)
    • miły, przyjemny (np. pogawędka, rozmowa)
    • describes a person or their behaviour that is pleasant and friendlyHe seemed an amiable young man.So amiable was the mood of the meeting that a decision was soon reached.
  6. appease (apis)
    formal łagodzić, ukoić uspokajać, uspokoić

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English advanced words
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