17 331 Acquired Sensorineural Hearing Loss

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  1. presbycusis
    • hearing loss caused by the aging process
    • generally starts after 60 yrs old
  2. males hearing is generally
    • worse than female
    • (biological reasons or environmental reasons)
  3. measles 2 types
    • Rubella - fetus effected, parent not
    • Rubelola - fetus not effected, parent is
  4. describe syphilis
    • the great imitator
    • not a viral disease (is bacteria)
    • can look like many other diseases
  5. hearinf eval of a herpes zoster oticus will say
    that there is a skin rash
  6. a syphilis hearing evaluation will look like
    • the threshold is 'bouncing off the wall'
    • it is everywhere
  7. can syphilis be treated
    • stage 1 and 2 - yes
    • stage 3 - no and it leads to dimencia
  8. Ototoxic drugs
    monitor how much medicine is given btw enough to kill the disease but not hurt te ears
  9. mycin means
    from mushrooms
  10. sudden onset hearing loss (otoemergency)
    • hemorrhage - blow out a vein in your head (stroke)
    • blockage - blocks out the blood supply (stroke)
    • AIED - Autoimmune Ear Disease; unknown cause, hearing goes rapidly (1month)
    • Perilymphatic Fistulas - cerebral spinal fluid blows out the round or oval window; caused by exhersion, decrease in pressure - can be fixed if patched w/in a week
  11. Trauma
    • unpredictable
    • prevalent in young adults
    • generally for it to cause hearing loss you would have to lose consciousness
  12. fractures 2 types
    • transverse - 20% blows to front or back of the head very dangerous, can cause loss of ear
    • longitudinal - 80% blows to the side of the head;
    • contrracod - get hearing loss on both sides
  13. meniere's disease
    • always unilateral
    • these ppl are accused of cheating on the hearing test
    • medical procedure needed to prove this
    • they have vertigo which is like the room is spinning fro too many beers
    • vertigo causes inability to keep food down which is the real problem
  14. meriere's disease characteristics 5
    • fluctuating, low frequency, sensorineural hearing loss
    • tinnitus - ocean roaring
    • vertigo - room spinning
    • ear fullness

    endolymphatic hydrops - body making too much endolymph
  15. medical treatment of meniere's 3
    • diet - change it
    • antivert - cures vertigo for a short time
    • diuretics - screws with system
    • all are short term and not a cure
  16. surgical treatment of meniere's 3
    • endolymphatic - subarachnoid shunt
    • plastic tube that promotes drainage - debated
    • ablation
    • drill out the ear - permanent deafness, risky
    • vestibular nerve section
    • cut vestibular branch in cochlea, brain surgery, risky
  17. meniere's is common in which ear
    left, which is why young patients that have it in the right are in trouble
  18. meniere's disease hearing eval will include
    a hydration test, if positive than it is true meniere's disease
  19. 2 types of NIHL (noise induced hearing loss)
    • acoustic trauma - mechanical - explosion, rips rhe hair cells out from the base to the apex
    • NIPTS - noise induced permanent threshold shift - metabolic, hearing loss caused by noise over time
  20. ringing of the ears is called
    • TTS temporary threshold shift
    • this over time equals NIPTS
  21. factors to consider in NIPTS
    • exposure characteristics
    • intensity
    • frequency
    • duration
    • temporal aspects - drop forge more damaging than constant noise
    • amount of residual hearing
    • susceptibility of the listener - residuality of listener
  22. NIPTS hearing evaluation looks like
    4K notch
  23. tell a patient with NIPTS
    • about the facts of their life style and how they can protect their hearing
    • however we cannot demand that they change their life style
  24. if you do not change your life style from NIPTS
    • presbycusis onsets faster but more is not added
    • so you can be 25 and have the hearing of a 60 yr old, but it wont get worse than that, it will stay the same
  25. osha rule
    85dB is allowed for 8 hrs of work
  26. a person with a 4K notch...
    • tinitus (ringing) at 4K
    • normaal tympanogram because it tests the middle ear
    • NIPTS is a problem with the outer ear
  27. acoustic neuroma
    • 10% of brain tumors
    • typically vestibular schwanomas
    • slow growing and benign
  28. benign means
    the tumor grows and can eventually kill you but they generally arent cancerous so it does not make tumors in other areas
  29. acoustic scwannomas are usually
  30. acoustic schwannoma hearing eval looks like
    • normal tympanogram
    • unilateral hearing loss on audiogram
    • word recognition issues
    • a-symmetrical high frequency hearing loss
    • best test is an ABR
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