Derm: bullous, hair and nails

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  1. What isPemphigus Vulgaris?
    • Autoimmune dz against desmosomes
    • Acantholysis
    • Onset 40-60yo
    • Can be fatal if not treated (immunosuppressive drugs)
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    Pemphigus Vulgaris
  3. What is Bullous Pemphigoid?
    • Autoimmune dz against basement membrane proteins (hemidesmosomes)
    • Often follows other skin eruption, like erythema multiforme
    • Onset > 60yo
    • Tx with systemic prednisone
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    Bullous Pemphigoid
  5. What is Epidermolysis bulla?
    • Congenital dz with friable skin that responds to minimal trauma with break down, bulla formation and ulceration.
    • N-sign
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    Epidermolysis bulla
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    Steven’s Johnson syndrome
  8. Hyperpigmented palmar creases, gingival and nails
    Addison's dz
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    Argyria: silver consumption
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    Neurofibromatosis: cafe au lait spot with smooth border
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    McCune Albright syndrome: Cafe au lait spot with "coast of Maine" border
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    • Vitiligo: defect in melanocytes to produce melanin
    • Symmetric presentation
  13. Hypoethetic or anethetic hypopigmented macules and plaques.
    Leprosy (Hansen's dz)
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    • Pellagra: hypopigmented, scaly lesions
    • Cause by niacin/tryptophan deficiency
    • Diarrhea
    • Dementia
    • Death
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    Pityriasis alba: self-limiting (possibly allergic)
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