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  1. THORN: Good morning, Daughter Dearest.

    BUSTER: Hello, Evy.
    [Enter] Afternoon. [Toss hat at coat rack.] Evy, the committee has agreed to...
  2. TALBOT: Evy, the committee has agreed to...
    THORN: Evy?
    Excuse me. Evelyn. (slight pause) Evelyn, the fair committee has agreed to allow my portrait at the Fair next year.
  3. THORN: Only natural. Your photo of Swan and his Maggie Murphy was all the rage.
    Wasn't it? I got more business from that photo than anything else I've done.
  4. THORN: Ahem. It was a brillian idea, I must say.
    Yes, it was. OH! I mean yes it was! Thanks to you! Thank you again, Mr. Thorndyke.
  5. SWAN: Why, I've never seen anything like it. I hstill haven't caught up with my orders.
    And I've been selling copies of the photo for a nickel apiece!
  6. THORN: From now on, Talbot, you shall charge 25 cents for each photograph.
    Why that's crazy. I could never get that much.
  7. TALBOT: Why that's crazy. I could never get that much.
    THORN: And I'll take 15 of that.
  8. SWAN: Holy smokes! I'm in the Greeley newspaper!
    TALBOT: Let me see that!
  9. SWAN: Why, I...
    THORN: Ronceverte, West Virginia.
    How'd they hear about it?
  10. THORN: ...Fort Collins, the Morrison Bud, and another from the Pueblo Chieftain.
    All asking about Maggie Murphy?
  11. THORN: Oh, I merely capitalized on the success of our little local enterprise.
    How did you do that? It's incredible!
  12. THORN: I just sent out a few notes, with copies of our Maggie Murphy photo.
    So that's why you wanted all those extra prints!
  13. THORN: Oh, my estimation would be around a hundred.
    [With SWAN] A hundred!
  14. SWAN: But you suggested it, eh?
    THORN: Correct.
    TALBOT: Sounds like trouble to me.
  15. THORN: We have a wonder, photographic novelty in our possession.
    SWAN: A fake photograph.
    Now, wait. Let's not call it that. I photograhed what you two put in front of my camera. The photo isn't a fake, only the potato is fake.
  16. SWAN: It's that simple?
    THORN: That simple.
    I don't know. It still sounds deceitful to me.
  17. SWAN: Well, you have proven her thoroughly wrong in that regard.
    But must we prove it to the whole country?
  18. THORN: That was Krouskop at the post office.
    SWAN: So?
    THORN: We have a minor complication to manage.
    What's wrong?
  19. THORN: Krouskop said he's spreading down about our Maggie Murphy down at the post office.
    Leave it to a Fisk.
  20. THORN: He wants to see it. He's on his way over here, looking for you, Joe.
    SWAN: Oh.
    TALBOT: Oh!
  21. THORN: I'm dreadfullly hungry, aren't you? What say we go find a hot lunch?
    SWAN: Now there's an idea!
    Why, yes. I'm hungry too!
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