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  1. henry the navigator
    • Prince Henry the Navigator (Dom Henrique) was the son of King João of
    • Portugal, born in 1394. He is most famous for the voyages of discovery that he
    • organised and financed, which eventually led to the rounding of Africa and the
    • establishment of sea routes to the Indies. Henry was also a very devout man, and
    • was Governor of the Order of Christ from 1420 until his death in 1460.
  2. Premodernism
    • Epistemology. The primary epistemology of the premodern period
    • was based upon revealed knowledge from authoritative sources. In
    • premodern times it was believed that Ultimate Truth
    • could be known and the way to this knowledge is through direct
    • revelation. This direct revelation was generally assumed to come from
    • God or a god
  3. Modernism
    • Epistemology. Two new approaches to knowing became dominant in
    • the modern period. The first was empiricism (knowing through the senses)
    • which gradually evolved into scientific empiricism or modern science
    • with the development of modernist methodology.
    • The second epistemological approach of this period was reason or logic.
    • Often, science and reason were collaboratively or in conjunction with
    • each other.
  4. john cabot
    • was an Italian navigator and explorer whose 1497 discovery of parts of North America under the commission of Henry VII of England is commonly held to have been the first European encounter with the continent of North America since the Norse Vikings
    • in the eleventh century. The official position of the Canadian and
    • United Kingdom governments is that he landed on the island of Newfoundland.
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