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  1. THORN: Hello, Nora Dear. Evy.
    Hello, Evy. . . I mean Evelyn. [Toss hat at coat rack.]
  2. EVELYN: Adam! You did it! You bought a new suit!
    Well, yes. You said I needed one.
  3. NORA: Hello Mr. Swan, Adam. Your suit is marvelous.
    EVELYN: It caps the max!
    [With SWAN] Good day Mrs. Thorndyke.
  4. SWAN: Where? Where?
    THORN: There, upper right, in the regional roundup.
    Oh, I see it.
  5. SWAN: "weighing 86 pounds and 10 ounces, known as the Maggie Murphy variety, was photographed..."
    That's my photograph they're talking about!
  6. SWAN: "...and sent to the Scientific American, and in due course of time appeared nicely printed in that great journal."
    Scientific American?
  7. SWAN: "...of Loveland, Colorado, raised this huge vegetable, and he isn't even Irish."
    Well I'll be.
  8. EVELYN: Oh, mother, Adam's photo in a national journal!
    They did credit me, didn't they?
  9. THORN: You signed every photograph on the front.
    [Take the photo from him.] You agreed I should sign the photos.
  10. SWAN: Of course not. I'd have told you.
    THORN: You, Talbot?
    No, sir.
  11. THORN: Please, Nora, let me think. I'm not sure if this news presents a problem, or...
    [WITH ALL] Or what?
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Great Loveland Potato Hoax, Act I Scene 6 - Adam Talbot's lines
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