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  1. [Top of the scene.]
    Evy. There you are. I've been looking everywhere for you.
  2. EVELYN: You have not found me. I'm not here for you.
    [Gently, puts hand on her shoulder and sits her down.] No, you are going to listen to me this time.
  3. EVELYN: All right, I'll listen. But I don't have to believe you.
    That's understandable.
  4. EVELYN: What can a knave understand?
    Even a knave can acknowledge a mistake.
  5. EVELYN: But what now? What of your career? Your reputation. Our life together. It's all ruined.
    I was foolish to go along with it, I know. But I didn't know it would lead to this. I...
  6. THORN: Talbot! There you are! I've been searching everywhere.
    [Rising.] Please continue on your way, sir. Evelyn... no Evy and I have something to discuss.
  7. THORN: But this can't wait. I have news for you!
    If you'll pardon me, sir, I'll have no more of your brand of news.
  8. THORN: Yes, well, all right. In simple language, the Council has agreed to name our own Adam Talbot here the official city photographer.
  9. THORN: Yes, well, all right. In simple language, the Council has agreed to name our own Adam Talbot here the official city photographer.
    TALBOT: What?
    THORN: It's true, and done.
    But how? How could they agree to that after Maggie Murphy?
  10. THORN: I have not lost my power of persuasion, young man. People still listen to me no matter what I say.
  11. THORN: ...but pointed out the courageousness of your subsequent outpouring of honesty as well.
    You did?
  12. NORA: It's true, Evy. Adam put an end to the whole charade.
    That's what I was going to tell you, Evy.
  13. THORN: I showed the Council one last letter, sent to me by the little-known journal "Gleanings in Bee Culture," under the heading Special Notices in the Line of Gardening.
    They wrote to you?
  14. THORN: It also seemes that someone from Loveland answered their inquiries, pointing out that our dear Maggie Murphy was only a trick in photography, meant simply to call attention to Mr. Swan and his taters.
    EVELYN: Oh, Adam! You confessed?
    I did, but not to that publication. That was actuallly Mr. Swan, I believe.
  15. THORN: But you wrote to the others yourelf, eh, Talbot? Including Scientific American?
    I did. I wrote to as many as I could. Almost to as many as you did, Mr. Thorndyke.
  16. EVELYN: But Adam, that must have cost you a fortune in postage.
    That's why I'm wearing my old suit. I took the new one back.
  17. THORN: Well, then. It seems I may have indeed underestimated you, Mr. Talbot.
    That's possible, Mr. Thorndyke.
  18. THORN: Call me Thorn.
  19. EVELYN: Adam, you humiliated yourself before the entire world in order to make this right?
    No, in order to make us right.
  20. EVELYN: But what about your career - getting your name out there.
    Oh, my name is out there, no dbout about that. But all I really need is right here. [Kiss.]
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