Biology Lab

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  1. What does mitosis mean?
    Nuclear division
  2. What does cytokinesis mean?
    Division of the cytoplasm
  3. What does chromatin mean?
    Uncoiled DNA
  4. What does chromosome mean?
    Coiled DNA
  5. List the two phases of the cell cycle.
    Interphase and Cell Division
  6. How long does a cell stay in Interphase?
    70% to 80%
  7. How much time does a cell stay in cell division?
    20% to 30%
  8. Determind which stage of the cell cycle is when DNA is duplicated
    "S" subphase of interphase
  9. Compare cytokinesis between plant and animal cells
    Plant- Cell plate divides the cell in half then thickens to become cell wall.

    Animal- Cleavage furrow pinches the cell in half
  10. If chromosomes are lined up at the middle of the cell, then which stage of mitosis is occurring?
  11. If chromosomes are being pulled apart, then which stage of mitosis is occurring?
  12. Determine when crossing over occurs during Meiosis I
    Prophase I- Spindles form from centrioles toward the equatorial plane
  13. Determind when homologous pairs are separated during Meiosis I
    Anaphase I- 2 duplicated chromosomes align side by side on the equatorial plane
  14. Determine when sister chromatids are separated during Meiosis II
    Anaphase II
  15. List if Diploid or Haploid
    -Skin cell
    • - Diploid
    • - Diploid
    • - Diploid
    • - Diploid
    • - Haploid
    • - Haploid
    • - Haploid
    • - Diploid
  16. 2n
    (Diploid= 36)
    What is the Haploid number?
    2/(36)= 18

    Haploid= 18
  17. How many sperm cells are produced during spermatogenesis?
    4 Sperm Cells
  18. How many egg cells are produced during oogenesis?
    1 Egg Cell
  19. Why is mitosis and meiosis important during the life cycle?
    Mitosis= Growth and development

    Meiosis= Sperm and egg (To make)
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