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  1. Wandsworth Prison
    Heathfield Road
  2. Beachcroft Road
    Burntwood Lane /Upper Tooting Road
  3. Alfarthing Lane
    Garath Lane/Heatfield Road
  4. Kimber Road
    Merton Road/Garratt Lane
  5. Saint Anns Hill
    East Hill/Alfarthing Lane
  6. Neville Gill Close
    Buckhold Road
  7. Penfold Centre
    Neville Gill Close
  8. Wandsworth Cab Rank
    Garratt Lane
  9. Southside
    Garratt Lane
  10. Buckhold Road
    Wandsworth High Street/ Merton Road
  11. Wandsworth Town Hall
    Wandsworth High Street
  12. Wandsworth Police Station
    146 Wandsworth High Street
  13. Chelsea Cars
    Armoury Way
  14. Ram Brewery
    Ram Street
  15. Capital Studios
    Wandsworth Plain
  16. Wandworth Town Station
    Old York Road
  17. Holliday In Express SW18
    Smugglers Way
  18. Wandsworth Bus Garage
    Marl Road
  19. Battersea Reach
    Juniper Drive/York Road
  20. Plantation Wharf
    Gartons Way
  21. Prices Candles
    York Road
  22. Bridges Court
    Lombard Road/York Road
  23. Westland Heliport/Battersea Heliport
    Bridges Court/Lombard Road
  24. Verta Hotel
    Bridges Court/Lombard Road
  25. Rafayel Hotel
    Lombard Road/Falcon Wharf
  26. Osyter Wharf
    Lombard Road
  27. Thai on the River Restaurant SW11
    Lombard Road
  28. Battersea Square
    Vicarage Crescent/Battersea High Street
  29. Royal Academy Of Dancing
    Battersea Square
  30. Morgans Walk
    Battersea Church Road
  31. Bluebird Restaurant
    Kings Road
  32. Paultons Square
    Kings Road /Paultons Street
  33. Carlyle Square
    Old Church Street
  34. Chelsea Arts Club
    143 Old Church Street
  35. Queens Elms Square
    Old Church Street
  36. Chelsea Fire Station
    Kings Road
  37. Chelsea Synagog
    Smith Terrace
  38. Chelsea Physic Garden
    Swan Walk/Royal Hospital Road
  39. Gordon Ramsey Restaurant
    Royal Hospital Road
  40. National Army Museum
    Royal Hospital Road
  41. Royal Hospital
    Royal Hospital Road
  42. Daphnes Restaurant
    Draycott Avenue
  43. Nell Gwynn House
    Sloane Avenue
  44. Chelsea Cloisters
    Sloane Avenue
  45. Chelsea Police Station
  46. Tom Aikens Restaurant
    Elystan Street
  47. My Hotel SW3
    Ixworth Place
  48. Chelsea Square
    South Prade
  49. Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital
    Sydney Street
  50. Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Hospital
    Fulham Road
  51. San Lorenzo Restaurnat
    Beauchamp Place
  52. Harrods
    Brompton Road
  53. Thistle Canninzaro House Hotel
    Hanford Row/West Side Common
  54. Vatican Embassy
  55. Holy See Embassy
  56. Wimbledon Windmill Museum
    Windmill Road
  57. London Scottish Golf Club
    Windmill Road
  58. Curch Road
    Wimbledon Park Road
  59. Ski Club Of Great Britain
    57-63 Church Road
  60. All England Lawn Tennis Club & Coquet Club
    Church Road
  61. Southfields Library
    Wimbledon Park Road
  62. Southfields Station
    Wimbledon Park Road
  63. London Mosque
    Gressenhall Road
  64. Royal Hospital For Neuro-Disability
    West Hill
  65. Tibbest Corner
    West Hill/Tibbets ride
  66. Roehampton High Street
    Roehampton Lane/Putney Heath
  67. Dover House Road
    Upper Richmond Road/Roehampton High Street
  68. Queen Marys University Hospital
    Roehampton Lane
  69. Toland Square
    Roehampton Lane
  70. Aubyn Square
    Roehampton Lane
  71. Rosslyn Park Rugby Club
    Priory Lane
  72. Priory Hospital
    Priory Lane
  73. Lawn Tennis Association
    100 Priory Lane
  74. Bank Of England Sports Ground
    Bank Lane
  75. Barnes Station
    Station Road
  76. Priests Bridge
    Upper Richmond Road
  77. Barnes Hospital
    South Worple Way
  78. Mortlake Cemetery
    South Worple Way
  79. Tideway Yard
    Mortlake High Street
  80. Depo Restaurant
    Tideway Yard/Mortlake High Street
  81. Barns Bridge Station
    The Terrace
  82. Barns Sports Club
    261 Lonsdale Road
  83. Harrodian School
    9 Lonsdale Road
  84. Leg of Mutton Nature Reserve
    Lonsdale Road
  85. Svenska Skolan Swedish School
    Lonsdale Road
  86. Saint Pauls Boys Shooll
    80 Lonsdale Road
  87. Arundel Terrace
  88. Riverview Gardens
  89. Harrods Village
    Trinity Church Road
  90. Barns Ruby Club
    Queen Elizabeth Walk
  91. Westlands Centre
    Queen Elizabeth Walk
  92. Embankment
    Lower Richmond Road / Thames Place
  93. Thames Rowing Club
  94. Kenilworth Court
    Lower Richmond Road
  95. Putney Bridge
    Putney High Street / Putney Bridge Aproach
  96. Putney Bridge Station
    Station Aproach
  97. Haig Hall
    New Kings Road(247)
  98. Eel Brook Common
    New Kings Road
  99. South Fulham Constitutional Club
    New Kings Road(163)
  100. Tate Britain
  101. Victoria Station
    Terminus Place
  102. Pimlico Station
    Rampayne Street
  103. City Inn Westminster Hotel
    John Islip Street
  104. Buckingham Palace
    Constitution Hill
  105. Dolpin Square SW1
    Chichester Street/Grosvenor Road
  106. Gatwick Express
    Victoria Place/The Raft
  107. Stafford Hotel
    Saint James's Place
  108. Spain Embasy
    Chesham Place
  109. Turkey Embasy
    Belgrave Square
  110. Channel 4 TV
    Horseferry Road
  111. Victoria Palace Theatre
    Victoria Street
  112. Smith Square
    Dean Stanley Street
  113. Clapham South Station
    Balham Hill/Nigthingale Lane
  114. Cavendish Road Police Office
    Cavendish Road
  115. Euro Hotel SW4
    Clapham Common South Side
  116. Abbeville Road
    Cavendish Road/Clapham Park Road
  117. White House Restaurant
    Clapham Park Road
  118. Sand Bar
    Clapham Park Road
  119. Trinity Hospice
    Clapham Common North Side
  120. Macaulay Square
    Macaualy Road/Lillieshall Road
  121. Grafton House Restaurant
    13-19 Old Town
  122. Clapham Fire Station
    Old Town
  123. Grafton Square
    Old Town
  124. Maritime House SW4
    Old Town (37)
  125. Trinity Restaurant
    4 The Polygon
  126. Clapham Common Cab Rank
    The Pevement
  127. Clapham Common Station
    The Pevement
  128. Clapham Picture House
    Venn Street
  129. Bison & Bird PH
    Clapham High Street (182)
  130. Revolution Bar SW4
    Clapham High Street
  131. West Indian Ex Servicemens Assn
    Clapham Manor Street
  132. Firefly Bar
    Clapham High Street (69)
  133. La Rueda Restaurant SW4
    Clapham High Street (68)
  134. White Square
    Nelsons Row
  135. Clapham High Street Station
    Voltaire Road/Edgeley Road
  136. Clapham North Station
    Clapham High Street
  137. Saint Giles Hotel
    Bedford Avenue
  138. Cochrane Theatre
    Theobalds Road
  139. Royal National Institute for the Blind
    Judd Street
  140. Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital
    Grays Inn Road
  141. National Union Of Journalists
    Grays Inn Road
  142. Water Rats Theatre
    Grays Inn Road
  143. Holborn Grange Hotel
    Old Gloucester Street
  144. Place Theatre
    Dukes Road
  145. Hospital For Tropical Diseases Tropical Clinic
    Mortimer Market
  146. YMCA Central
    16 Great Russel Street
  147. Congress House
    Great Russel Street
  148. TUC -Trade Union Congress
    Great Russel Street/Congress House
  149. Kennilworth Hotel
    97 Great Russel Street
  150. Bloomsbury Theatre
    Gordon Street
  151. British Medical Associaton
    Tavistock Square
  152. Conway Hall
    Red Lion Square
  153. Serious Fraud Office
    Elm Street
  154. Cuba Embassy
    167 High Holborn
  155. Holiday Inn Kings Cross Bloomsbury
    Kings Cross Road
  156. Church Of England Children Society
    Margery Street 91-93
  157. Instutute Of Child Health
    Guilford Street
  158. Celtic Hotel
    Guilford Street
  159. Great Ormond Street
    Queen Square/Millman Street
  160. Victoria House
    Bloomsbury Square
  161. Battersea Police Station
    Battersea Bridge Road
  162. Royal Collage of Art Sculpture School
    Howie Street
  163. Ransomes Dock
    Parkgate Road
  164. Prince Of Wales Drive
    Queens Circus/Battersea Bridge Road
  165. Jacks Place Cafe
    York Road(12)
  166. Clapham Junction Station
    Junction Aproach/Saint Johns Hill/Grant Rd
  167. Grand Theatre
    Saint Johns Hill
  168. Emanuel School
    Battersea Rise
  169. Clapham Train Disater Memorial
    Spencer Park
  170. Royal Victoria Patriotick Building
    John Archer Way/Fitzhugh Avenue
  171. Book House
    45 East Hill
  172. Bishop's Avenue
    Fulham Palace Road
  173. Fulham Palace
    Bishop's Avenue
  174. Fulham FC
    Stevenage Rd/Finley St/Woodlawn rd/Doneraile St
  175. Gowan Avenue
    Munster Road/Fulham Palace Road
  176. Fulham Police Station
    Heckfield Place
  177. Parsons Green Lane
    Parsons Green/Fulham Broadway
  178. Andrew Robson Bridge Club
    Parsons Green Lane (31)
  179. Parsons Green Station
    Parsons Green Lane
  180. Rivermead Court
    Ranelagh Gardens
  181. Hurlingham Club
    Ranelagh Gardens
  182. Daisy Lane
    Broomhouse Lane/Peterborough Road
  183. Sullivan Court SW6
    Peterborough Road
  184. Hurlingham Square
    Peterborough Road
  185. Harbour Club SW6
    William Morris Way
  186. Laura Ashley HQ
    Bagleys Lane (27)
  187. Hammersmith & Fulham Coroners Court
    Bagleys Lane
  188. Jurry Inn Sands End Hotel
    Imperial Road
  189. Imperial Wharf
    Townmead Road
  190. Fulham Broadway Station
    Fulham Road
  191. Blue Elephant Restaurant
    Fulham Broadway (4)
  192. Belushis Bar
    Fulham Road 498-504
  193. La Reserve Hotel
    Fulham Road 422
  194. Chelsea FC
    Fulham Road/Stamford Bridge
  195. West Brompton Station
    Old Brompton Road
  196. London Oratory School
    Seagrave Road
  197. Lilly Hotel
    Ongar Road
  198. Empress State Building
    Lillie Road
  199. Ibis Hotel SW6
    Lillie Road (47)
  200. Coleherene PH
    Old Brompton Road (261)
  201. Brompton Library
    Old Brompton Road (210)
  202. Coleherne Court
    Old Brompton Road
  203. Eclipse Bar SW5
    Old Brompton Road (158)
  204. Cranley Hotel SW5
    10 Bina Gardens
  205. Marriot Kensington Hotel
    147 Cromwell Road/ Knaresborough Place
  206. Rockwell Hotel
    181 Cromwell Road
  207. Earls Court Station
    Warwick Road / Earls Court Road
  208. London Electronics College
    20 Pennywern Road
  209. Earls Court Square
    Warwick Road/Earls Court Road
  210. Earls Court Exhibition Centre
    Warwick road
  211. Philbeach Gardens
    Warwick Road
  212. Beaver Hotel
    57 Philbeach Gardens
  213. K K George Hotel
    Templeton Place/Trebovier Rd/Longridge Road
  214. Barkston Gardens
    Earls Court Road/Courtfield Gardens
  215. Burns Hotel
    18-26 Barkston Gardens
  216. Ambassadors Hotel
    16 Collingham Road
  217. Fortnum & Masons
    Duke Street Saint Jamess
  218. De Vere Cavendish Hotel
    Duke Street Saint Jamess
  219. Greens Oyster Restaurant
    Duke Street Saint Jamess(36)
  220. London Library
    St James's Square(14)
  221. In & Out Club
    St James's Square/Babmaes Street
  222. Royal Automobile Club
    Pall Mall(89)
  223. Army & Navy Club
    St James's Square
  224. Tramp Club
    Jermyn Street(40)
  225. Rubens Hotel
    Buckingham Palace Road(33)
  226. Grosvenor Hotel SW1
    Buckingham Palace Road(101)
  227. Raft/Rail Air & Freight Terminal
    Eccleston Bridge
  228. Victoria Coach Station Arrivals Rank
    Eccleston Place
  229. National Audit Office
    Buckingham Palace Road(157)
  230. Chelsea Gate Apartments
    Ebury Bridge Road
  231. Lister Hospital
    Chelsea Bridge Road
  232. Foresthill Libary
    Dartmouth Road
  233. Nunhead Cemetery
    Linden Grove
  234. Nunhead Station
    Gibbon Road/lve By Kimberley Avenue or Oakdale Rd
  235. Evelina Road
    Nunhead Lane/Lossaine Road
  236. Nunhead Green
    Nunhead Lane/Evelina Road
  237. Queens Road Peckham Station
    Queens Road
  238. Asylum Road
    Old Kent Road/Queens Road
  239. Marbella Hotel
    Queens Road
  240. Pecham Police Station
    Peckham High Str/Gold Smith Rd/Marmont road
  241. Pecham Rye Station
    Rye Lane
  242. Hanaover Park
    Rye Lane/Clayton Road
  243. Pecham Pulse
    Melon road
  244. Lyndhurst Square
    Lyndhurst Way
  245. Damilola Taylor Centre
    East Surrey Grove
  246. Bird In Bush Road
    Peckham Hill Street / Commercial Way
  247. Trafalgar Avenue
    Sumner Road/Old Kent Road
  248. Peckham Mosque
    Cobourg Road
  249. Surrey Square
    Surrey Terrace/Alsace Road
  250. Ruby Triangle
    Sandgate Street
  251. Toys R Us Se15
    Asylum Road
  252. Pecham Civic Centre
    Old Kent Road
  253. Livesey Museeum
    Old Kent Road(682)
  254. New Cross Library
    New Cross Road
  255. National Poisons Unit
    Wardalls Grove
  256. Avonley Village
    Farrow Lane
  257. Hong Kong City Restaurant
    New Cross Road
  258. Haberdashers Askes Girls School
    Jerningham Road
  259. Venue Club SE14
    Clifton Rise
  260. Laban Centre for Movement & Dance SE14
    Laurie Grove/Lve By Dixion Road
  261. New Cross Inn
    New Cross Road(323)
  262. Surrey Quays Station
    Roherhite Old Road/Lower Road
  263. Cope Street
    Roherhite Old Road/Lower Road
  264. Red Lion Boys Club
    Hawkstone Road
  265. Onega Gate
    Redriff Road
  266. Plough Way
    Lower Road
  267. Sweeden Gate
    Plough Way
  268. Rope Street
    Sweeden Gate
  269. Surrey Dock Watersports Centre
    Rope Street
  270. Wibbly Wobbly Restaurant
    Rope Street
  271. Church Of England Record Centre
    Galleywall Road
  272. South Bermondsey Station
    Ilderton Road
  273. Milwall FC (The New Den)
    Zampa Road/Stockholm Road
  274. Action For Blind People
    Verney Road/Lve By Verney Way
  275. France Embassy
    Albert Gate
  276. Westminster Cathedral
    Ambrosden Avenue
  277. La Caprice Restaurant
    Arlington Street
  278. Gordon Hospital
    Bloomburg Street
  279. Hesperia London Victoria Hotel
    Bridge Place
  280. Quaglinos Restaurant
    Bury Street (16)
  281. John Lewis HQ
    Carlisle Place
  282. Ireland Embassy
    Chapel Street
  283. New Scotland Yard
    Dacre Street
  284. Fabian Society
    Dartmouth Street(11)
  285. Ken Los Memories Of China SW1
    Ebury Street(61)
  286. Boisdale Restaurant SW1
    Eccleston Street(15)
  287. Franklin Hotel
    Egerton Gardens(28)
  288. Chocolate Society SW1
    Elizabeth Street(36)
  289. Civil Service Club
    Great Scotland Yard
  290. Pakistan High Commission
    Lowndes Square
  291. Shepherds Restaurant
    Marsham Street
  292. Home Office
    Marsham Street
  293. Royal Overseas League
    Park Place
  294. Dukes Hotel
    Saint James's Place
  295. Whites Club SW1
    Saint James's Street(37)
  296. Metrapolitan Tabernacle
    Elephant & Castle
  297. Elephant & Castle Underground Station
    London Road
  298. Ministiry Of Sound
    Gaunt Street
  299. Inner London Sessions
    Newington Causeway
  300. Trinity Church Square
    Trinity Street
  301. Merrick Square
    Trinity Street/L Swan St>R Cole St>R Globe St>Trinity St>R into Merrick Sq
  302. Borough Station
    Borough High Street
  303. Belushis Bar SE1
    Borough High Street
  304. Guys Hospital
    Great Maze Pond/In By Snowfields out by Newcomen Street
  305. Greenwood Theatre
    Weston Street(55)
  306. London Bridge Station
    Railway Approach/London Bridge Street
  307. London Bridge Hospital
    Bridge Yard
  308. London Dungeons
    Tooley Street
  309. More London
    Tooley Street
  310. Unicorn Theatre
    Tooley Street
  311. Design Museum
    Shad Thames
  312. Blue Print Cafe
    Shad Thames
  313. Le Pont De La Tour Restaurant
    Shad Thames/Curlew Street
  314. Italian Building
  315. Royal Marine Reserve
    Old Jamaica Road
  316. Vinopolis- City Of Wine
    Bank End/Soutwark St>L Stoney Street>F Park St> Bank End SDOR
  317. Southwark Cathedral
    Cathedral Street/in By Borough High Street>L Bedale St
  318. Tate Modern
    Holland Street/In by Hopton Road
  319. Financial Times
    Southwark Bridge Road(1)
  320. Southwark Rose Hotel
    Southwark Bridge Road
  321. Novotel City South Hotel
    Southwark Bridge Road
  322. Nelson Square
    Union Street
  323. Southwark Station
    The Cut/Blackfriars Road
  324. Young Vic Theatre
    The Cut
  325. Old Vic Theatre
    The Cut
  326. La Barca Restaurant
    Lower Marsh(80)
  327. Waterloo station
    Cab Road
  328. Union Jack Club
    Sandell Street
  329. London Nautical School
    Stamford Street(61)
  330. Mad Hatter Hotel
    Stamford Street
  331. OXO Tower
    Barge House Street
  332. London Eye
    Jubilee Gardens
  333. St Thomas's Hospital
    Lambeth Palace Road
  334. Florance Nightingale Museum
    Lambeth Palace Road
  335. Evelina Children's Hospital
    Lambeth Palace Road
  336. Museum Of Garden History
    Lambeth Palace Road
  337. Parliament View Apartments
    Lambeth High Street
  338. Royal Parmaceutical Society
    Lambeth High Street
  339. Novotel Waterloo Hotel
    Lambeth Road
  340. Central Office Of Information
    Newnham Terrace
  341. Days Hotel
    Cosser Street
  342. Kennington Road Police Station
    Mead Row
  343. Imperial War Museum
    Lambeth Road
  344. Saint Georges Cathedral
    Lambeth Road
  345. King Edward Walk
    Lambeth Road/Westminster Bridge Rd
  346. Lambeth North Station
    Westminster Bridge Road
  347. Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel
    Albert Embankment
  348. Russian Tank
    Pages Walk
  349. Alaska Building
    Bacon Grove/Grange Road
  350. Spa Road
    Grange Road/Thurland Road
  351. Bermondsey Wall East
    Bevington Street
  352. Cheryy Garden Pier
    Bermondsey Wall East
  353. Dr Salters Daydreamer Statue
    Bermondsey Wall East/in By West Lane
  354. Bermondsey Wall West
    George Row/Mill Street
  355. Bermondsey Station
    Jamaica Road. R St James Rd>Webster Rd>L Storks Rd>R Collet Rd>L Keetons Rd>
  356. Time & Talents Centre
    Saint Marychurch Street
  357. London Bubble
    Elephant Lane(3)
  358. Rotherhite Station
    Brunel Road
  359. Mayflower PH
    Rotherhite Street
  360. Bacons Collage
    Timber Pond Road
  361. Maple Leaf Square
    Fishermans Drive
  362. Fisher Athletic FC(Old)
    Salter Road
  363. Norway Gate
    Salter Road
  364. Surrey Docks Farm
    Rotherhite Street
  365. Hilton Hotel Docklands (no 265)
    Rotherhite Street
  366. Rotherhite Youth Hostel
    Rotherhite Street/Salter Road
  367. Surrey Quays Shopping Centre
    Deal Porters Ways
  368. Canada Water Station
    Surrey Quays Road
  369. Harmsworth Quays Printing
    Surrey Quays Road
  370. Daily Mail Printworks
    Surrey Quays Road
  371. Decathlon Sports Store
    Surrey Quays Road
  372. Seven Islands Leisure Centre
    Lower Road
  373. Rotherhite Police Station
    Lower Road
  374. Soutwark Park
    Gomm Road
  375. China Hall PH
    Lower Road
  376. Bestwood Street
    Lower Road/Trundleys Road
  377. Bush Road
    Bestwood Street/Rotherhite New Rd
  378. Rolls Road
    St James's Road
  379. Britain At War
    Tooley Street
  380. Bridge Club SE1
    Weston Street
  381. Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge
    5 More London Place/Tooley Street
  382. Soutwark Playhouse
    Shipwright Yard/Tooley Street/Bermondsey Street
  383. Internatinal Maritime Organisation
    Albert Embankment
  384. Fasion and Textile Museum
    Bemondsey Street 83
  385. HMS Belfast
    Battle Bridge Lane
  386. Waterloo East Station
    Sandell Street
  387. Salvation Army HQ 101
    Newington Cause Way
  388. Harper Road
    Borough Road/ New Kent Road
  389. Henry Wood Hall
    Trinity Church Square
  390. Soutwark Police Station
    Borough High Street
  391. London City Hotel
    Borough High Street
  392. Joes Kitchen
    Marshalsea Road
  393. Overseas Visitor Center
    Borough High Street
  394. Saint George Rhe Martyr Church
    Borough High Street
  395. John Harvard Libary
    Borough High Street
  396. Royal British Legion HQ 199
    Borough High Street
  397. Barrowboy & Banker PH 8
    Borough High Street
  398. London Bridge
    Borough High Street/King William Street
  399. London Bridge Hotel
    London Bridge Street
  400. Menier Theatre 53
    Southwark Street
  401. Menier Chocolate Factory 53
    Southwark Street
  402. Chocolate Theatre
    Southwark Street
  403. Blue Fin House
    Southwark Street
  404. Table Restaurant 85
    Southwark Street
  405. Marathon House SE1
    Southwark Street
  406. Tall House Restaurant
    Southwark Street
  407. Mercure Hotel SE1
    Lavington Street
  408. Loft Restaurant 17
    Lavington Street
  409. America Street
    Great Guilford Street/Southwark Bridge Road
  410. Health& Safety Executive 2
    Southwark Bridge Road
  411. London Fire Brigade Training Centre 94
    Southwark Bridge Road
  412. Long Lane Taxis
    Southwark Bridge Road
  413. Palestra Building
    Blackfriars Road /Union Street
  414. Union Theatre 204
    Union Street
  415. Jerwood Space
    Union Street
  416. London Fire Brigade HQ no169
    Union Street
  417. Doggetts Coat & Badge PH
    Blackfriars Road
  418. Paris Garden
    Stamford Street/Colombo Street
  419. Bestille Court
    Paris Gardens
  420. Colombo Centre
    Colombo Street
  421. London Weekend Television
    Upper Ground
  422. IBM
    Upper Ground
  423. Natinal Theatre
    Upper Ground
  424. Royal Festival Hall
    Belvedere Road
  425. White House Apartments
    Belvedere Road
  426. IMAX Cinema
    Charlie Chaplin Walk
  427. Forum Magnum Square
    Belvedere Road
  428. Park Plaza County Hall 1
    Addington Street
  429. Marine Society
    Lambeth Road
  430. Lambeth Palace
    Lambeth Palace Road
  431. London Aquarium
    Westminster Bridge Road
  432. Horse Bar
    Westminster Bridge Road
  433. Morley Collage 61
    Westminster Bridge Road
  434. H10 Waterloo Hotel
    Waterloo Road
  435. London Ambulance Service HQ
    Waterloo Road
  436. Old Vic Statge Door
    Webber Street
  437. Loughing Gravy Bar
    Blackfriars Road
  438. Baltic Bar
    Blackfriars Road
  439. Ring PH 72
    Blackfriars Road
  440. Livebait Restaurant SE1
    The Cut
  441. Cristian Aid SE1 35
    Lower Marsh
  442. Imperial War Museum All Saints Annexe
    Austral Street
  443. Snowfields
    Saint Thomas Street/Newcomen Street
  444. Leathermarket Street
    Weston Street/Morroco Street
  445. Shad Thames
    Tooley Street
  446. Queen Elizabeth Street
    Tower Bridge Road/Shad Thames
  447. Morroco Street
    Bermondsey Street
  448. Bermondsey Street
    Towerbridge Road/Tooley Street
  449. Grange Road
    Southwark Park Road
  450. Pages Walk
    Grange Road/Willow Walk
  451. Guinness Square
    Pages Walk
  452. Briclayers Arms Roundabout
    Great Dover Street/Old Kent Road/Tower Bridge Road
  453. Mandela Way
    Old Kent Road
  454. Blue Elephant Theatre
    Thomson Avenue
  455. Blackfriars Crown Court
    Pocock Street
  456. Electoral Reform Society
    Chancel Street/in by Nicholson Street
  457. Market Porter PH
    Stoney Street
  458. New Globe Walk
    Park Street
  459. Shakespeares New Globe Theatre
    New Globe Walk
  460. Fish Restaurant SE1
    Bedale Street
  461. Glaziers Hall
    Montague Close
  462. Clink Street Prison
    Clink Street
  463. York Clinic 47
    Weston Street
  464. Soutwark Coroners Court
    Tennis Street(1)
  465. Operating Theatre Museum&Herb Garret
    Saint Thomas Street
  466. Soutwark Crown Court
    English Grounds
  467. City Hall
    Potters Fields
  468. Greater London Auhority
    Potters Fields/ Queens Walk
  469. Soldiers Sailors & Airmens Families Association 19
    Queen Elizabeth Street
  470. Flag Store
    Queen Elizabeth Street
  471. Circle Apartments 49
    Queen Elizabeth Street
  472. Jacob Statue
    Queen Elizabeth Street
  473. Essex Street
    Strand WC2
  474. Australia House
    Strand WC2
  475. Courtauld Gallery
    Strand WC2
  476. Somerset House
    Strand WC2
  477. Axis Restaurant
    Aldwych/Aldwych Hotel WC2
  478. Ivor Novello Theatre
    Aldwych WC2
  479. India High Commission
    Aldwych WC2
  480. Bush House
    Aldwych WC2
  481. Aldwych Theatre
    Aldwych WC2
  482. Jam Factory Apartments
    Green Walk
  483. City Of London Academy
    Lynton Road
  484. Avondale Square
    Old Kent Road
  485. Bomber Harris Memorial
    Strand WC2
  486. Clements Inn 263
    Strand WC2
  487. Strand Continental Hotel 143
    Strand WC2
  488. India Club 143
    Strand WC2
  489. Stanley Gibbons Shop
    Strand WC2
  490. Shell Mex House 82
    Strand WC2
  491. Civil Aviation Authority 45-59
    Kingsway/Kemble Street
  492. Africa House no 64
    Kingsway WC2
  493. Holborn Station
    Kingsway WC2
  494. Oasis Leisure Centre
    High Holborn WC2
  495. Police Complaints Authority
    High Holborn WC2
  496. Swiss Church
    Endell Street WC2
  497. Poetry Society 22
    Betterton Street WC2
  498. Kingsway Hall Hotel
    Great Queen Street WC2
  499. Sway Restaurant no 61-65
    Great Queen Street WC2
  500. Freemasons Hall
    Great Queen Street WC2
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