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  1. Antigens are found...
    on the RBC
  2. A person that is bloodtype A has what antigen in blood
    A antigen
  3. One parent is genotype AB the other parent is genotype OO. A possible genotype for an offspring is:
  4. The _________ of a bloodstain generally points to the direction of travel of the blood drops
  5. DNA is a ___________
  6. Which is not a component of a nucleotide?
    double helix
  7. Which of the following depics correct base pairing of DNA
    • T-A
    • G-C
  8. Portions of the DNA molecule useful for DNA typing:
    are repeated many times
  9. What is the number of nitrogenous bases needed to code for a specific amino acid?
  10. The technology of DNA typing had its beginnings in 1985 with the work of
    Alec Jeffreys
  11. As currently performed in forensics, DNA fingerprinting tech cannot provide information helpful in
    determining whether an individual carries a genetic defect
  12. Restriction enzymes
    cut DNA at specific sites
  13. During gel electrophoresis the DNA is
    separated by fragment size
  14. PRC is a technique that
    can produce many exact copies of segments of DNA
  15. STRs normally consist of repeating sequences of
    3-7 bases
  16. A person that is blood type B-, can receive what bloodtype in a transfusion?
    B- ; O-
  17. Waht could be the cause of high velocity blood spatter?
  18. The angle of impact of an individual bloodstain can be estimated using the ratio of ______ divided by _______
    width ; length
  19. What is the definition of a transfer blood stain?
    when a stain is transfered from one object to another
  20. What are the four nitrogneous bases found in DNA
    A , T, C, G
  21. What are advantages of working with short DNA fragments?
    • more stable
    • less likely to break
  22. _________is a national system of shared databases of DNA typing information
  23. 3 major classes of fingerprint patterns
    loops ,arches, whorls
  24. The most common ridge pattern
  25. The number of deltas found in a typical arch pattern
  26. How many ridge characteristics are in the average fingerprints
  27. A person's fingerprints are formed at during....
    fetal development
  28. The purpose of friction skin ridges
    firmer grip and resist slippage
  29. The pores of sweat gland are located in ....
    skin ridges
  30. In orer to permanently damage the fingerprint one must damage what layer of skin
    dermal papillae
  31. Sweat glands on the friction ridges don not produce what molecule?
  32. The fingerprint primary classification system that classifies prints based on the number and location of whorls is called what?
    Henry System
  33. This is what determines the minumun number of ridge characteristics need to math two fingerprints?
    experince of the investigator
  34. The computerized system for storing fingerprints in known as
  35. This man has an almost exact double who had the same Bertillion measurements as him
    will west
  36. Prints that not readily visible are known as
    latent prints
  37. Prints impressed into a bar of soap are known as
    plastic prints
  38. Sublimation occurs with the use of this lifting method
    iodine fuming
  39. Ninhydrin is used to detect this type of molecule in latent fingerprints
    amino acid
  40. Superglue fuming is not suitable for this type of surface
    porous surface
  41. Example of porous surface
    paper, wood, cloth
  42. This fingerprinting metho produces a temporary orange/brown print
    iodine fuming
  43. This chemical treatment produces a white-appearing permanent fingerprint
    superglue fuming
  44. This fingerprinting metho produces a permanent purplish print
  45. These two fingerprinting methods are use on porous surfuces
    iodine fuming and ninhydrin
  46. These two types of hairs have a saber-like shape
    eyebrows and eyelash
  47. this type of hair has a top that is often darker, is long and fine, and is arc-like
    chest hair
  48. the longest stage gof hair growth
  49. 3 stages of hair growth
    • anagen
    • catagen
    • telogen
  50. During this stage the root becomes club-shaped
  51. the shortest stage of hair growth
  52. The color of a person's hair is based on pigmetation which is found in the _________ of hair
  53. A narrow medulla width usually indicates that a(n) ____ is the source of a hair and wide medulla width usually indicates that the source of the hair is a(n)_______?
    human ; animal
  54. DNA can usually be collected from hair that has been forcibly removed. T/F
  55. What are the areas of a peice of hair sample which may contain nuclear DNA samples?
    root an the follicular tissue attached to the root
  56. Hair evidence is the ______ common type of trace and transfer evidence.
  57. Hair is considered ________ evidence because a forensic scientist is never able to conclusively say that a particular hair came from a particalur source
  58. all of the following make hair significant except
    people dye hair odd colors
  59. The cuticle is also referred to as the "______" of the hair
  60. A hair with a very thick and round cross-sectional shape is typically associated with the _________ racial designation
  61. Fiber evidence is ________ common type of trace and transfer evidence
    second most
  62. Fibers are analzed from 3 view points as individual fibers, _________ and as fabric or another type of end product
  63. Two broad groupings of fibers are _______ an __________
    natural and manmade
  64. cashmere is fiber from
    a goat
  65. rayon is classified as a
    regenerated fiber
  66. 1. Bullets are examined to determine if the pattern of found on the bullet match the pattern of contained in the barrel of the questioned firearm.
    rifling impressions , rifling
  67. have the potential to be consistently reproduced in a ______________ pattern on every bullet that passes down the barrel of a firearm.
    straition, unique
  68. A bullet is slightly larger in diameter than the of the barrel in which it is designed to be fired. The bore diameter is the As a result, a rifled barrel will impress a of itself on the sides of the bullet.
    • bore diamater
    • distance from the opposite land in a barrel
    • negative impression
  69. One
    of the biggest problems in making an identification is that ....
    • few evidence bullets are submitted intact. Most are
    • badly distorted, wiped and/or fragmented.
  70. __________ is a term used to indicate the diameter of a
    bullet in hundredths of an inch. A bullet that is 30 hundredths of an inch (.30) in diameter is called a ________________
    • Caliber
    • 30 caliber bullet
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