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  1. London Transport Museum
    Covent Gdn Piazza SD Russell Street WC2
  2. Belgo Central no 50
    Earlham Street WC2
  3. Roman Bath
    Strand Lane/Surrey Street WC2
  4. Embankment Station
    Embankment Place/Embankment WC2
  5. Sherlock Holmes PH
    Northumberland Street WC2
  6. Association of Teachers & Lecturers
    Northumberland Street WC2
  7. Royal Commonwealth Society
    Northumberland Avenue WC2
  8. Arts Theatre Club WC2 no 6
    Great Newport Street WC2
  9. Photographers Gallery
    Great Newport Street WC2
  10. Astoria Theatre no 157
    Charing Cross Road WC2
  11. Foyles Bookshop
    Charing Cross Road WC2
  12. Zoo Bar WC2
    Bear Street WC2
  13. Garrick Theatre
    Charing Cross Road WC2
  14. National Portrait Gallery
    Saint Martins Place WC2
  15. Trafalgar Square
    Saint Martins Place WC2
  16. Duchess Theatre
    Catherine Street WC2
  17. Food & Drink Federation
    Catherine Street WC2
  18. Theatre Royal Drury Lane
    Catherine Street WC2
  19. Lady Magazine
    Bedford Street WC2
  20. King Street WC2
    Bedford Street/Garrick Street WC2
  21. Actors Church/Saint Pauls Church
    Bedford Street/Inigo Place WC2
  22. Maiden Lane WC2
    Bedford Street/Southampton Street
  23. Sheekeys Restaurant
    Saint Martins Court WC2
  24. Saint Martins Lane Hotel
    Saint Martins Lane WC2
  25. Asia De Cuba Restaurant
    Saint Martins Lane/Saint Martins Lane Hotel
  26. Noel Coward Theatre
    Saint Martins Lane WC2
  27. Duke of Yorks Theatre
    Saint Martins Lane WC2
  28. Fielding Hotel
    Broad Court WC2
  29. Lincolns Inn Fields
    Serle Street/Remnant Street WC2
  30. Incognico Restaurant
    Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
  31. Tin Pan Alley Bar
    Denmark Street WC2
  32. Mouse Trap
    Saint Martins Theatre/West Street WC2
  33. Orange Street
    Haymarket/Charing Cross Road
  34. Covent Garden Hotel
    Monmouth Street WC2
  35. Dial Restaurant
    Monmouth Street WC2
  36. Mountbatten Hotel
    Monmouth Street WC2
  37. Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy/CIPFA
    Robert Street WC2
  38. Jewish Chronicle
    Furnival Street EC4
  39. Dr Johnsons House
    Gough Square EC4
  40. Tudor Street
    New Bridge Street EC4
  41. John Carpenter Street
    Tudor Street EC4
  42. Sion College
    John Carpenter Street EC4
  43. Painter Stainers Hall
    Little Trinity Lane EC4
  44. Old Bailey
    Newgate Street/Ludgate Hill EC4
  45. Central Criminal Court
    Old Bailey EC4
  46. Gough Square
    Pemberton Row EC4
  47. Blackfriars Station
    Queen Victoria Street EC4
  48. My Old Dutch Rerstaurant WC1 132
    High Holborn WC1
  49. Brown Sugar 146
    High Holborn WC1
  50. Shanghai Blues Bar 193-197
    High Holborn WC1
  51. Barbados High Commission 1
    Great Russell Street WC1
  52. Bloomsbury Hotel 12-22
    Great Russell Street WC1
  53. All Star Lanes WC1
    Bloomsbury Place/Victoria House WC1
  54. Bloomsbury Square
    Bloomsbury Way/Vernon Place WC1
  55. Russell Square
    Woburn Place/Southampton Row WC1
  56. Commonwealth Hall
    Cartwright Gardens WC1
  57. Canterbury Hall
    Cartwright Gardens WC1
  58. Mentone Hotel 54
    Cartwright Gardens WC1
  59. George Hotel 58
    Cartwright Gardens WC1
  60. London Welsh Centre 157-163
    Grays Inn Road WC1
  61. Terrence Higgins Trust 314-320
    Grays Inn Road WC1
  62. Travelodge Kings Cross Hotel
    Grays Inn Road WC1
  63. Kings Cross Cab Rank
    Pancras Road N1
  64. Kings Cross Station
    Pancras Road/York Way N1
  65. Guardian and Observer Newspaper 90
    Kings Place/York Way N1
  66. Kings Place 90
    York Way N1
  67. London Canal Museum
    New Wharf Road /in By Wharfdale Road
  68. Scala
    Kings Cross Bridge N1
  69. Poor School
    Pentonville Road N1
  70. Nido Student Living
    Pentonville Road N1
  71. Joseph Grimaldi Park
    Rodney Street N1
  72. Jurys Inn Hotel N1
    Pentonville Road N1
  73. Crafts Council 44
    Pentonville Road N1
  74. Craft Council Gallery 44
    Pentonville Road N1
  75. Star Caf� N1
    Penton Street N1
  76. Chapel Bar
    Penton Street N1
  77. Public Carriage Office (Old) 15
    Penton Street N1
  78. Pride Court
    White Lion Street N1
  79. Eritrea Consulate 96
    White Lion Street N1
  80. Sainsburys N1
    Liverpool Road N1
  81. Sainsburys Cab Rank N1
    Liverpool Road N1
  82. Chapel Market
    Liverpool Road N1
  83. Islington Police Station
    Tolpuddle Street N1
  84. Lewis Carroll Library 166
    Copenhagen Street N1
  85. Young Actors Theatre 70
    Barnsbury Road N1
  86. Cloudesley Square
    Cloudesley Road N1
  87. Lonsdale Square
    Barnsbury Street/Richmond Avenue N1
  88. Barnsbury Square
    Thornhill Road N1
  89. Thornhill Square
    Matilda Street/Thornhill Cres N1
  90. Cally Pool 229
    Caledonian Road N1
  91. Istanbul Social Club 296
    Caledonian Road N1
  92. Almeida Theatre
    Almeida Street> R Battishill Street> R Waterloo Terrace
  93. Florence PH
    Florence Street N1
  94. Little Angel Marionette Theatre 14
    Dagmar Passage / in by Dagmar Terrace
  95. Cross Street
    Upper Street/Essex Road
  96. Criterion Auction Rooms
    Essex Road N1
  97. Giraffe Caf� N1
    Essex Road N1
  98. Leroy House
    Essex Road N1
  99. Canonbury Station
    Wallace Road N1
  100. Snooty Fox PH
    Wallace Road N1
  101. Alwyne Square
    Canonbury Park North N1
  102. John Spencer Square
    Prior Bolton Street / in by St Mary's Grove
  103. Canonbury Academy 6
    Canonbury Place N1
  104. Canonbury Square
    Canonbury Road N1
  105. Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art
    Canonbury Road N1
  106. Greenpeace
    Canonbury Villas N1
  107. Essex Road Station
    Canonbury Road N1
  108. N1 Garden Centre
    Englefield Road N1
  109. Trolley Stop Theatre 28
    Stamford Road N1
  110. Junction Bar N1
    Saint Pauls Road/Corsica Street N1
  111. Hen & Chickens Theatre
    Highbury Corner N1
  112. Highbury Corner
    Upper Street/Holloway Road N1
  113. Highbury & Islington Station
    Holloway Road N1
  114. Club Union House 251
    Upper Street N1
  115. Hampton Court
    Swan Yard/Upper Street N1
  116. Union Chapel
    Compton Terrace N1
  117. Islington Town Hall
    Upper Street N1
  118. Islington Fire Station
    Upper Street N1
  119. Theberton Street
    Liverpool Road/Upper Street N1
  120. Gibson Square
    Theberton Street N1
  121. Screen on the Green 83
    Upper Street N1
  122. Islington Green
    Upper Street/Essex Road N1
  123. Thai Square Restaurant N1 347
    Upper Street N1
  124. Hilton Hotel Islington
    Berners Road N1
  125. Aztec Row
    Berners Road N1
  126. Business Design Centre
    Berners Road N1
  127. York PH 82
    Islington High Street N1
  128. Fredericks Restaurant 106
    Islington High Street N1
  129. Angel Station
    Islington High Street N1
  130. Islington Boat Club 16
    Graham Street N1
  131. Eagle PH
    Shepherdess Walk N1
  132. Shoreditch Police Station
    Shepherdess Walk N1
  133. Friends of the Earth 26
    Underwood Street N1
  134. Holborn Studios
    Eagle Wharf Road N1
  135. Gainsborough Studios
    Poole Street N1
  136. Wilton Square
    Baring Street N1
  137. Boot Street
    Pitfield Street N1
  138. 15 Restaurant
    Westland Place N1
  139. Hoxton Square
    Rufus Street/Coronet Street N1
  140. White Cube
    Hoxton Square N1
  141. Bluu Bar N1
    Hoxton Square N1
  142. Lux Cinema
    Hoxton Square N1
  143. Boot Street
    Corenet Street/Pitfield Street N1
  144. Charles Square
    Pitfield Street N1
  145. Charlie Wrights International Bar 45
    Pitfield Street N1
  146. Wandsworth Museum
    West Hill
  147. Best Western Lodge Hotel 5
    Upper Richmond Road
  148. East Putney Station
    Upper Richmond Road
  149. Tote House
    Upper Richmond Road
  150. Wandsworth County Court
    Upper Richmond Road
  151. Gemini House
    Putney Hill
  152. Kings Keep
    Westleigh Avenue
  153. Manor Fields
    Putney Hill
  154. Chartfield Avenue
    Putney Hill/Granard Avenue
  155. Chartfield Square
    Chartfield Avenue
  156. Putney Arts Theatre
    Ravenna Road
  157. Putney Leisure Centre
    Dryburgh Road
  158. RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital
    Clarendon Drive
  159. Putney & Wimbledon Synagogue
    Chelverton Road
  160. Putney Bus Garage
    Chelverton Road
  161. Putney School of Art
    Oxford Road
  162. Putney Library
    Disraeli Road
  163. Putney Exchange
    Putney High Street
  164. Putney Station
    Putney High Street
  165. Hurlingham Yacht Club
    Deodar Road
  166. Blades Court
    Deodar Road
  167. Point Pleasant
    Putney Bridge Road
  168. Wandsworth Park
    Putney Bridge Road
  169. Jubilee House SW15
    Putney Bridge Road/Brewhouse Lane
  170. Putney Bridge
    Putney High Street/Putney Bridge Approach
  171. Salesian Collage
    Parkham Street/Surrey Lane/Granfield St/Westbridge Rd
  172. Chelsea Conservative Club
    Kings Road
  173. Sporting Page PH
    Camera Place/Limerston Street
  174. La Famiglia Restaurant 7
    Langton Street
  175. Chelsea Theatre Centre
    Worlds End Place/Kings Road
  176. Vingt Quatre Restaurant
    Fulham Road
  177. Aubergine Restaurant/Eleven Restaurant
    Park Walk
  178. Elm Park Gardens
    Fulham Road
  179. The Boltons
    Gilston Road/Boltons Place
  180. Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
    Fulham Road
  181. Hollywood Road
    Fulham Road
  182. Hollywood Arms PH
    Hollywood Road
  183. Wine Gallery
    Hollywood Road
  184. Brinkleys Garden Restaurant
    Hollywood Road
  185. Redcliffe Square
    Redcliffe Gardens
  186. Chutney Mary Restaurant
    Kings Road
  187. Crazy Larrys Club
    Lots Road
  188. Wyndham London�Chelsea Harbour Hotel
    Chelsea Harbour Drive
  189. Imperial Wharf Station
    Harbour Avenue
  190. 606 Club
    Lots Road
  191. Painted Heron Restaurant SW10
    Cheyne Walk
  192. Saint Georges Square SW1
    Grosvenor Road/Lupus Street
  193. Her Majestys Theatre
  194. Tiger Tiger Bar
  195. Ministry of Defence
    Horseguards Avenue
  196. Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  197. Department for Transport
    Marsham Street/Great Minster House
  198. Cadogan Square
    Pont Street
  199. Saint Stephens Constitutional Club
    Queen Annes Gate
  200. Caldecot Road
    Coldharbour Lane/Bassemer Road
  201. Chicheley Street
    Belvedere Road/York Road
  202. Shoe Lane
    Saint Andrew Street/Fleet Street
  203. Sainsburys Business Centre 33
  204. New Street Square
    Bartlett Court
  205. Merchant Centre
    New Street Square
  206. Gunpowder Square
    Printer Street
  207. Dr Johnsons House
    Gough Square
  208. Breams Buildings
    Fetter Lane/New Fetter Lane
  209. Inner Temple
    Middle Temple Lane
  210. Charity Commission 13-15
    Bouverie Street
  211. Telephone House
    Tample Avenue
  212. El Vino 30
    New Bridge Street
  213. Tudor Street
    New Bridge Street
  214. Crowne Plaza London City Hotel
    Kingscote Street
  215. Unilever House
  216. Salisbury Square
    Salisbury Court/Dorset Rise
  217. Fleetbank House
    Salisbury Square
  218. Office of Fair Trading
    Salisbury Square/Fleetbank Hse
  219. Primrose Hill EC4
    Hutton Street
  220. Witness Box PH 36
    Tudor Street EC4
  221. HMS President
    Victoria Embankment
  222. Mellon Financial Centre 160
    Queen Victoria Street/Back entrance Playhouse Yard
  223. Royal College of Arms
    Queen Victoria Street
  224. City of London Boys School
    Queen Victoria Street
  225. Bread Street
    Queen Victoria Street/Cheapside/Cannon St
  226. Sweetings Restaurant 39
    Queen Victoria Street
  227. Temple of Mithras 11
    Queen Victoria Street
  228. Mansion House Station
    Queen Victoria Street
  229. City of London Magistrates Court
    Queen Victoria Street
  230. Adelaide House EC4
    London Bridge
  231. Fishmongers Hall
    London Bridge
  232. Dizzy's Bar 28
    King William Street
  233. Monument Station
    Fish Street Hill
  234. London Regalia Restaurant
    Swan Lane
  235. City of London Coroners Court 78-83
    Upper Thames Street/Walbrook Wharf
  236. Little Ship Club
    Bell Wharf Lane/Left or Right out
  237. Five Kings House 1
    Queen Street Place
  238. Carmens Hall 1
    Queen Street Place/Five Kings House
  239. Vintners Hall
    Kennet Wharf Lane
  240. Broken Wharf
    High Timber Street
  241. Queenhithe
    High Timber Street
  242. Mermaid Theatre
    Puddle Dock
  243. Mermaid Conference Centre
    Puddle Dock
  244. Painter Stainers Hall
    Little Trinity Lane/in By Garlick Hill
  245. Worshipful Company of Solicitors of the City of London
    College Hill EC4
  246. Worshipful Company of Builders Merchants
    College Hill
  247. Innholders Hall 30
    College Street
  248. Dyers Hall 10
    Dowgate Hill
  249. Skinners Hall 8�
    Dowgate Hill
  250. Tallow Chandlers Hall 4
    Dowgate Hill
  251. London Chamber of Commerce
    Queen Street/in by Collage Hill R Clock Lane L Queen st lve by Collage St
  252. London Stone
    Cannon Street
  253. Cannon Street Station
    Cannon Street
  254. Grange Saint Pauls Hotel
    Godliman Street
  255. YHA City
    Carter Lane
  256. Saint Pauls Cathedral
    Saint Pauls Churchyard
  257. Stationers Hall
    Stationers Hall Court /Avemaria Lane
  258. City Thameslink Station
    Ludgate Hill
  259. Crown Prosecution Service 50
    Ludgate Hill
  260. Club Quarters Saint Pauls 24
    Ludgate Hill
  261. Santander House
    Limeburner Lane
  262. Spectacle Makers Hall
    Blackfriars Lane
  263. Apothecaries Hall
    Blackfriars Lane
  264. River Court EC4 120
    Fleet Street
  265. Goldman Sachs Bank EC4 1/3 133
    Fleet Street/Peterborough Court
  266. Peterborough Court EC4 133
    Fleet Street
  267. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese PH 145
    Fleet Street/Wine Office Court
  268. Egg Club
    York Way/Vale Royal
  269. Mann & Overton/The London Taxi Company
    Brewery Road
  270. Pentonville Prison
    The Drive
  271. Knowledge Point School
    Caledonian Road
  272. Pleasance Theatre
    Carpenters Mews/North Road
  273. John Barnes Library 275
    Camden Road
  274. Holloway Prison
    Parkhurst Road
  275. Saint Georges Theatre 89
    Tufnell Park Road
  276. Odeon Holloway 417
    Holloway Road
  277. National Youth Theatre 445
    Holloway Road
  278. Beaux Art Building 10
    Manor Gardens
  279. North Libary
    Manor Gardens
  280. Quays PH 471
    Holloway Road
  281. Archway Sports Centre
    MacDonald Road leave by Vorley Road
  282. Archway Station
    Junction Road
  283. Cats Protection North London 135
    Junction Road
  284. Whittington Hospital
    Magdala Avenue
  285. Saint Johns Way
    Hazellville Road/Archway Junction
  286. Hazelville Road
    Hornsey Lane/Hornsey Road
  287. Islington Boxing Club
    Hazelville Road
  288. Thai-tanic Restaurant 66-68
    Crouch End Hill
  289. Crouch End Broadway
    Crouch End Hill
  290. Middle Lane
    Park Road/Priory Road
  291. Honeymoon Restaurant 35
    Park Road
  292. North Middlesex Cricket Club 185
    Park Road
  293. Hornsey Coroners Court
    Myddelton Road/L Campsbourne Rd R Pembroke Rd R Mydddelton R SDOL
  294. Magic Flute Banqueting Hall
    High Street Hornsey
  295. New River Village
    High Street Hornsey
  296. West Indian Cultural Centre
    Clarendon Road
  297. Hornsey Station
    Tottenham Lane
  298. White Lodge Hotel 1
    Church Lane
  299. Hornsey Police Station
    Tottenham Lane
  300. YMCA Hornsey 184
    Tottenham Lane
  301. Harringay Town Hall
    Hatherley Gardens/ In by Harringey Park
  302. Hornsey Libary
    Harringay Park
  303. Porter Square
    Hornsey Road
  304. Holloway Police Station
    Hornsey Road
  305. Michael Sobell Sports Centre
    Hornsey Road/Tollington Road
  306. Arsenal FC
    Drayton Park/Hornsey Road/Benwell Road
  307. Emirates Stadium
    Drayton Park/Hornsey Road
  308. Holloway Road Station
    Holloway Road
  309. Rocket Club
    Holloway Road
  310. Highbury Magistrates Court
    Holloway Road
  311. Freightliners City Farm
    Sheringham Road
  312. Paradise Park
    Lough Road/Sheringham Road
  313. SCOPE N7
    Market Road
  314. Islington Tennis Centre
    Market Road
  315. Tufnell Park Station
    Brecknock Road/Southcote Road
  316. Bank Station
    Threadneedle Street
  317. Bank of England
    Threadneedle Street
  318. Dutch Church
    Austin Friars
  319. Netherlands Benevolent Society 7
    Austin Friars
  320. Furniture Makers Hall
    Austin Friars
  321. Liverpool Street
    Bishopsgate/Blomfield Street
  322. Andaz Hotel
    Liverpool Street
  323. Liverpool Street Cab Rank
    Liverpool Street
  324. Prohibition Bar 1
  325. Bishopsgate Police Station
  326. Dirty Dicks PH 202
  327. Bishopsgate Institute 230
  328. Liverpool Street Station
    Harwich Lane/Liverpool Street
  329. Stanstead Express
    Harwich Lane/Liverpool Street
  330. Chariots Roman Spa 1
    Fairchild Street
  331. NSPCC
    Curtain Road
  332. Hoxton Pony Bar
    Curtain Road
  333. Leonard Street
    Great Eastern Street/City Road
  334. Hoxton Hotel Urban Lodge 81
    Great Eastern Street
  335. Aquarium Club 256
    Old Street
  336. Moorgate Station
  337. Finsbury Square
    City Road/Finsbury Pavemnent
  338. Triton Court
    Finsbury Square
  339. Lackington Street
    Finsbury Pavement
  340. Dominion Street
    Lackington Street/South Place
  341. Sun Street
    Wilson Street/Appold Street
  342. Finsbury Circus
    Circus Place/Blomfield Street
  343. River Plate House 7
    Finsbury Circus
  344. Deutsche Bank
    London Wall
  345. Carpenters Hall
    Throgmorton Avenue
  346. Speed House
    Silk Street
  347. Barbican
    Silk Street
  348. Goldsmiths Hall
    Foster Lane
  349. Museum of London
  350. Geffrye Museum
    Kingsland Road
  351. Bomonti Russian Club 344
    Kingsland Road
  352. Faulkners Fish Restaurant 424
    Kingsland Road
  353. Dalston Kingsland Station
    Kingsland High Street
  354. Vortex Jazz Club 11
    Gillett Street
  355. Rio Cinema 107
    Kingsland High Street
  356. Stoke Newington Police Station
    Stoke Newington High Street / Batley Road R Glading Terra
  357. Yum Yum Restaurant N16 183-187
    Stoke Newington High Street
  358. Abney Park Cemetery
    Stamford Hill
  359. Northwold Road
    Stamford Hill/ Stoke Newington High Street
  360. Skinners Companys School for Girls 117
    Stamford Hill
  361. Stoke Newington Station
    Stamford Hill
  362. Amhurst Park
    Seven Sisters Road/Stamford Hill
  363. Stamford Hill Station
    Amhurst Park
  364. West Bank
    Dunsmure Road/Amhurst Park
  365. Rectory Road Station
    Evering Road
  366. Hackney Downs Station
    Dalston Lane
  367. Navarino Mansions
    Dalston Lane
  368. Ridley Road Market
    Ridley Road
  369. Cape House Accommodation
    Dalston Lane
  370. Clowns Church
    Beechwood Road
  371. Arcola Theatre
    Ashwin Street
  372. Albion Square
    Albion Drive
  373. PC Laurence Brown Memorial
    Pownall Road
  374. Fassett Square
    Graham Road
  375. Hackney Central Station
    Amhurst Road
  376. Hackney Empire 291
    Mare Street
  377. Ocean Music Venue 280
    Mare Street
  378. Hackney Town Hall
    Mare Street
  379. Hackney Museum
    Reading Lane
  380. Candle Factory 184a
    Mare Street
  381. London Fields Station
    Mentmore Terrace
  382. Saint Josephs Hospice
    Mare Street
  383. Broadway Market E8
    Pritchards Road/Westgate Street
  384. Newington Green
    Mildmay Park/Newington Green Road
  385. Red Square
    Piano Lane/Carysfort Road
  386. Hereford Square SW7
    Gloucester Road /Wetherby Place
  387. Green Door Steak House
    Gloucester Road
  388. Grosvenor Casino
    Harrington Gardens
  389. NH Harrington Hall Hotel
    Harrington Gardens
  390. Bentley Hotel
    Harrington Gardens
  391. Point West
    Cromwell Road in by Only Ashburn Gardens of Courtfield Gardens
  392. David Lloyd Centre
    Cromwell Road/Point West
  393. Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum
    Courtfield Road/Ashburn Place SW7
  394. Millennium Gloucester Hotel
    Courtfiled Road/Harrington Gardens SW7
  395. Bombay Brasserie Restaurant
    Courtfield Road
  396. Millennium Baileys Hotel
    Courtfield Road
  397. Gloucester Road Station
    Gloucester Road
  398. Montana Hotel 67
    Gloucester Road
  399. Campbell Court
    Gloucester Road
  400. Cornwall Gardens
    Gloucester Road/Grenville Place
  401. Opal Club
    Gloucester Road
  402. Kensington Gate
    Gloucester Road
  403. Zambia House
    Palace Gate
  404. Thorney Court
    Palace Gate
  405. Maxims Casino
    Palace Gate
  406. Vietnam Embassy 12
    Victoria Road W8
  407. Milestone Hotel
    Kensington Road
  408. Mongolia Embassy 7
    Kensington Court
  409. Belarus Embassy
    Kensington Court
  410. Kensington Square
    Young Street
  411. Isarel Consulate
    Old Court Place
  412. Kensington Fire Station
    Old Court Place
  413. Maggie Joness PH 6
    Old Court Place
  414. Royal Garden Hotel 2
    Kensington High Street
  415. Whole Foods Market
    Kensington High Street
  416. Daily Mail 2
    Derry Street/Northcliffe House
  417. Northcliffe House W8 2
    Derry Street/Young Street
  418. Roof Gardens
    Derry Street
  419. Kensington High Street Station
    Kensington High Street W8
  420. Kensington Close Hotel
    Cheniston Gardens/Wrights Lane W8
  421. Copthorne Tara Hotel
    Scarsdale Place W8
  422. Scarsdale Villas
    Earls Court Road/Marloes Road W8
  423. Cromwell Hospital
    Pennant Mews W8
  424. Adam & Eve Mews
    Kensington High Street W8
  425. Soprano Restaurant 183
    Kensington High Street W8
  426. Edwardes Square
    Kensington High Street W8
  427. Duchess of Bedfords Walk
    Phillimore Gardens/Campden Hill Road W8
  428. Academy Gardens
    Duchess of Bedfords Walk W8
  429. Sheldrake Place
    Duchess of Bedfords Walk W8
  430. Plane Tree House
    Duchess of Bedfords Walk W8
  431. Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall
    Hornton Street W8
  432. South Kensington Cab Rank
    Harrington Road SW7
  433. South Kensington Station
    Old Brompton Road/Thurloe Street SW7
  434. Lamborghini London 25
    Old Brompton Road SW7
  435. Christies Auctions SW7 85
    Old Brompton Road SW7
  436. Cranley Gardens SW7
    Old Brompton Road/Fulham Road SW7
  437. Royal College of Music
    Prince Consort Road SW7
  438. Brompton Oratory
    Brompton Road
  439. Rembrandt Hotel 11
    Thurloe Place SW7
  440. Victoria & Albert Museum
    Cromwell Gardens SW7
  441. Natural History Museum
    Cromwell Road SW7
  442. Vanderbilt Hotel 76
    Cromwell Road SW7
  443. Holiday Inn Kensington
    Cromwell Road SW7
  444. Goethe Institute
    Exhibition Road SW7
  445. Paper Tiger Restaurant 10
    Exhibition Road SW7
  446. Science Museum
    Exhibition Road SW7
  447. Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
    West Carriage Drive Ring SW7
  448. Royal Geographical Society 1
    Kensington Gore SW7
  449. Royal Albert Hall
    Kensington Gore SW7
  450. Royal College of Art
    Kensington Gore SW7
  451. Netherlands Embassy 38
    Hyde Park Gate SW7
  452. Wodka Restaurant
    Saint Albans Grove W8
  453. Lancer Square
    Kensington Church Street W8
  454. Sticky Fingers Restaurant
    Phillimore Gardens W8
  455. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Embassy 6
    Upper Phillimore Gardens W8
  456. Elephant & Castle PH 40
    Holland Street/Gordon Place W8
  457. Observatory Gardens
    Campden Hill Road/Hornton Street W8
  458. Clarkes Restaurant W8 124
    Kensington Church Street W8
  459. Geales Restaurant 2
    Farmer Street /Uxbridge Street R Jameson st R Hillgate Place
  460. Russia Embassy
    Kensington Palace Gardens/ in By Nottinghill Gate
  461. Ark Restaurant 122
    Palace Gardens Terrace W8
  462. Rabbit Row
    Kensington Mall W8
  463. Campden Hill Square
    Hillsleigh Road W8
  464. Belvedere Restaurant
    Holland Park/Abbottsbury Road W8
  465. Nottinghill Gate Police Station
    Ladbroke Road
  466. Kensington Police Station
    Earls Court Road W8
  467. Scarsdale Villas
    Earls Court Road/Marloes Road W8
  468. Hansom Cab PH
    Earls Court Road W8
  469. Easy Hotel South Kensington 14
    Lexham Gardens W8
  470. Bosnia & Herzegovina Embassy 5-7
    Lexham Gardens W8
  471. Macowen Theatre
    Logan Place W8
  472. Freddie Mercurys House & Plaque 1
    Logan Place W8
  473. Emperors Gate
    Grenville Place SW7
  474. Morocco Embassy 49
    Queens Gate Gardens SW7
  475. Iran Embassy 16
    Princes Gate SW7
  476. Royal College of General Practitioners 15
    Princes Gate SW7
  477. Britten Theatre
    Prince Consort Road/Royal Coll Music SW7
  478. Royal School of Mines
    Prince Consort Road SW7
  479. Jamaica High Commission
    Prince Consort Road SW7
  480. Russian Orthodox Church
    Ennismore Gardens SW7
  481. Gore Hotel 189
    Queens Gate SW7
  482. Bulgaria Embassy 186
    Queens Gate SW7
  483. Bangladesh High Commission 28
    Queens Gate SW7
  484. Baden Powell House 65
    Queens Gate SW7
  485. Eden Plaza Kensington Hotel
    Queens Gate SW7
  486. Regency Hotel SW7 100
    Queens Gate SW7
  487. Kensington Hotel 109-113
    Queens Gate SW7
  488. Gainsborough Hotel 7
    Queensberry Place SW7
  489. Gallery Hotel 8
    Queensberry Place SW7
  490. Onslow Square
    Sydney Place/Old Brompton Road SW7
  491. 16 Hotel
    Sumner Place SW7
  492. Blakes Hotel 33
    Roland Gardens SW7
  493. Westminster Synagogue
    Rutland Gardens SW7
  494. Turkish Consulate
    Rutland Gardens SW7
  495. Bonhams Auctions SW7
    Montpelier Street SW7
  496. Montpelier Square
    Montpelier Street
  497. Metropolitan Safe Deposits 19
    Cheval Place
  498. Trevor Square
    Trevor Street S
  499. Zuma Japanese Restaurant
    Raphael Street/in Lancelot Place. lve By Knightsbridge Green

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