math 7th part 1

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    Of the 50 people at a library, 18% are reading a book. Which fraction represent 18%?

  2. 2.
    Which euation does the model represent?
  3. 4.
    Which lists the number in order from least to greates?
  4. 7.
    Quentin's school has 2 identical rectangular flower beds that are each 5 feet wide and 50 feet long. A 20- pound bag of mulch covers 100 square feet 1 inch deep. Which equation shows the number of bags of mulch needed to cover both flower beds with 1 inch of much?
  5. 9.
    Leon bought a dozen daisies for $3.75. Which is closest to the amount Leon paid for each daisy?
  6. 10.
    Lynne works at a bank and earns $9.75 per hour. If Lynne works 35 hours each week. Which expression could be use to determine her total earnings for 1 year?
    9.75 x 35 x 52

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math 7th part 1
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math 7 part 1
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