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  1. What is clay shovelers fracture?
    • Fracture from hyperflexion of neck.
    • Its an avulsion fracture on the spinous process from C6- to T1
  2. What is a compression fracture? What causes it?
    • Collapse of a vertebral body from flxion or axial loading.
    • Comes from severe kyphosis
  3. What is the hangmans fracture?
    Fracture that extends through the pedicles of C2 with or without sublxation of C2 upon C3.

    Occurs from severe hyperextension.

    Best seen with lateral projection
  4. What is jeffersons fracture? What shows it best?
    This is a comminuted "splintered" fracture resulting from axial loading usually from landing on your head etc.

    Anterior and posterior arches of vc1 are fractured and the skull slams onto the ring.

    Ap open mouth and lateral shows this best.
  5. What is an odontoid fracture?
    What best shows this?
    fracture of the dens and can extend into lateral masses or arches

    best seen with open mouth projection
  6. whats a teardrops burst fracture?
    WHen veterbral body is comminuted with triangular fragments avulsed from the anteroinferior border and fragments from posterior veterbral body displaced into spinal canal.

    Pretty much fragments from veterbrae goes into spinal canal causing paralysis

    Causes quadriplegia.

    Shows up on lateral and AP projection.
  7. What is a unilateral subluxation and bilateral lock?
    • Shows a "bow tie" like artifact on lateral cervical spine image.
    • Causes zygophoseal joints to be misaligned from injuries that involve extreme flexion, distraction, and rotation.

    Shows vetebral body "jumped" over each other.
  8. What is herniated nucleus pulposus?
    When inner part of an interveterbral disk protrudes through the fibrious cartilage outer layer into the spinal canal causing severe pain on possible numbness because of them pressing against the spinal cord.

    Known as "slip disk"
  9. What is kyphosis?
    exagerrated convex curveature of thorasic spine.
  10. What is lordosis?
    Exaggerated concave lumbar curvature.
  11. What is scoliosis?
    abnormal or exaggerated lateral curvature of the spine.

    Common between ages 10-14.
  12. What is osteoarthritis?
    Degeneratin of joint.
  13. What is osteoperosis?
    Loss of bone mass.
  14. What is scheumanns disease?
    Severe kyphosis and scoliosis at the same time.
  15. What is spondylitis?
    inflamation of the vertebrae
  16. what is ankylosing spondylitis?
    • Affecting maels between 20-40
    • Causes pain and sitffness that results from inflammation of sacroillicc, intervetbral, adn cosoveterbral joints as well as paraspinal calcification

    Causes union of vetebral joints from ossofication and ankylosis.
  17. What is transitional vertebra?
    Vetebra takes on a charctersitic of the adjacent region of the spine.
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