Nav Aids 24

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  1. What is the basic principal behind the new ICAO Performance Based Navigation (PBS) specifications?
    It doesn't matter what the nav systems are, so long as they meet certain standards.
  2. The new ICAO PBM concept is made up of 3 interrelated elements, what are they?
    • Nav specification
    • Navaid infrastructure
    • Navigation application.
  3. Under the new ICAO PBN specifications, how do RNP procedures vary from RNAV procedures?
    RNP requires onboard performance monitoring and alerting. RNAV does not.
  4. what is the certainty level expected of the lateral navigation standard specified in PBN?
  5. Under new ICAO PBN specifications, what is the navaid infrstructure comprised of?
    Space based and/or ground based navaids that are utilised in each specification.
  6. What equipment must an aircraft have to operate within RNP 10 designated oceanic airspace?
    2 servicable Independant Long Range Navigation Systems (LRNS)
  7. What are the 3 essential components of RNP 4 capability?
    CPDLC, ADS-C, and an FMS updated by a GNSS
  8. What equipment must an aircraft have to operate within RNP 4 designated oceanic airspace?
    Two servicable independant FMS's, updated by GNSS
  9. What is a navigation system's ANP/EPE?
    The computed accuracy, with associated integrity, for the current FMS/FMGS position.
  10. What is the RNP equivalent for B-RNAV?
    RNP 5
  11. What equipment must an aircraft have to be MNPS Capable?
    2 servicable independant LRNSs
  12. What is the RNP equivalent for MNPS?
    RNP 12.6
  13. What is the RNP equivalent for for P-RNAV?
    RNP 1
  14. What is an APV - Approach and Landing Operation with Vertical Guidance (ICAO definition), otherwise known as an Approach with Vertical Guidance in NZ?
    An RNAV approach which involves glidepath deviation info, but does not meet the precision app standards and as such is a non-procision app
  15. Is an RNAV approach a precision approach?
  16. Is an RNP-AR approach a precision approach?
  17. What does the designation AR, in RNAV-AR, stand for?
    Authorised requirement
  18. What is the typical RNP of RNAV (RNP) approaches?
  19. What is the minimum vertical separation between aircraft in RVSM airspace?
  20. What are the 3 SLOP options?
    Track centerline, 1nm right of track centerline, and 2nm right of track centerline.
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