Med Surg Final Exam

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  1. nursing interventions to add to a pts plan of care with thick sputum would be
    drink 3-4L of fluid a day
  2. the circulation of the lungs is through the
    pulmonary arteries and veins
  3. when the larynx is removed, a nursing intervention for communication would be to supply the pt with
    magic slate, pad and pencil
  4. nursing interventions for epistaxis
    • sitting position with head tilited forward
    • Fowlers
  5. COPD instructions to help pt to achieve nutritional status would be
    rest 30 mins before eating
  6. IV rate for pulmonary edema would be
    D5LR 30mL/hr
  7. what is empyema
  8. when would thick sputum collection be obtained
    • bring sputum from lungs, adequate fluids, notify staff when collected
    • before not after meals
  9. the first sign or symptom in carcinoma of the larynx is
    persistant hoarseness
  10. what causes barrel chest
    increase interioposterior diameter caused by overinflation of aveloi
  11. the quickest way to assess O2 sat
    pulse ox
  12. nursing interventions for active TB
    • wear mask
    • AFB isolation
  13. what is aspiration puenomia
    when someone vomits and aspirates
  14. nursing interventions for activity intolerence r/t imbalance between O2 supply and demand
    plan care to provide optimal rest
  15. what is PE
    may occur postop to venous thrombosis
  16. teach purse lip breathing
    inhale through nose and out through pursed lips
  17. what is cor pulmonale
    right sided heart failure
  18. what would be the cause of ineffective airway clearance for a pt who has undergone a pneumonectomy
    surgical incision pain
  19. nasal epinephrine after nasal surgery is done why
    to reduce possiblity of bleeding
  20. position most beneficial post surgical tracheostomy
  21. how do you prevent acute respiratory complications in surgical pts
    • teach incentive spirometer
    • turn cough deep breathe
  22. O2 for a pulmonary emphysema pt is to keep O2
    • low flow 1-2L nasal canula
    • no smoking
  23. post tonsillectomy instructions
    no coughing or clearing throat for 1 week
  24. to promote respiratory clearance of sections the nurse must plan to provide _____ ______ to a pt with bronchiectasis
    postural drainage
  25. quick and realible aid to dx latent TB
  26. how many drugs is used for TB
  27. how much fluid should be removed at one time during thoracentesis
    1300-1500mL at one time
  28. chest auscultation on a pt with pneumothorax would sound
    • bilateral breath sounds unequal
    • none over affected area
  29. s/s of respiratory distress
    abdominal breathing and O2 of 89
  30. anthrax bacterium may enter the body by
    the lungs, skin, intestine
  31. interventions to provide comfort to dyspeic pts are
    breathing exercises, acupuncture, visualization, massage
  32. purpose of chest drainage is to
    • drain air, blood, and fluid from pleural space
    • restore negative pressure in chest cavity
    • allow route for med administration
  33. interventions that are health promotions to prevent pneumonia
    • elder pts recevie flu and pneumococcal vaccines, provide good health habits like nutrition, hygiene, exercise
    • check for placement before admin tube feedings
  34. expected outcomes indicating improvement in a pt with emphysema
    • patent airway
    • normal arterial blood gases which are normal for particular pt
    • decreased dyspnea
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