Activity 4 Lit. Terms

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  1. ambiguity
    • multiple
    • meaning; lack of clarity in a work consciously used as a phase of the author’s
    • view of his/her world or characters and reflecting the vagueness of life
  2. anachronism
    • the
    • incorporation of an event, scene, or person who does not correspond with the
    • time period portrayed in the work
  3. antithesis
    • the
    • rhetorical opposition or contrast of words, clauses, or sentences
  4. archetype
    • a
    • plot that repeats basic historical or primitive life patterns; from the
    • psychology of Carl Jung
  5. bombast
    • inflated
    • language; the use of high-sounding language for a trivial subject
  6. catharsis
    • a
    • cleansing of the spirit of the spectator at a tragedy through experiencing the
    • emotions of pity an terror, as expressed in Aristotle’s Poetics
  7. empathy
    • a
    • feeling of association or identification with an object; experiencing its
    • sensations and responding with similar feelings
  8. flashback
    • returning
    • to an earlier time in a story or play for the purpose of clarifying present
    • actions or circumstances
  9. foil
    • a character
    • in a work of literature
    • whose physical or psychological qualities contrast strongly with, and therefore
    • highlight, the corresponding qualities of another character
  10. foreshadowing
    • providing
    • hints of things to come in a story or play
  11. litotes
    • a
    • form of understatement in which the negative of the contrary is used to achieve
    • emphasis and intensity
  12. sentiment
    • refined
    • and tender emotion in literature; sometimes used derisively to represent
    • insincerity or mawkishness
  13. mode
    • an attribute or quality of a thing; a work of
    • literature may be written in a particular mode
  14. motif
    • a device that serves as a unifying agent in
    • conveying a theme; a recurrent image, phrase, or idea
  15. verisimilitude
    • similar to truth; the quality of realism in a work
    • that persuades the reader that he/she is getting a vision of life as it is
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