Vocab 7

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  1. Hipocrisy
    claiming moral standerds or belifs that one does not really posses
  2. Amnesty
    and official Pardon by the government
  3. Paranoia
    baseless or excessive sispicion of the motive of others
  4. Araign
    to go before a court to answer for an accusation
  5. Rationale
    a reason/reasons for doing somehing
  6. Sage
    a profoundly wise man
  7. Presage
    an omen or warning
  8. Ignominious
    marked with disgrace or shame
  9. Clamor
    a loud uproar
  10. Naive
    showing lack of experience, wisdom or knowladge
  11. Sojourn
    a temperary stay
  12. Soliloquy
    when a character tells their own thoughts (outloud) in a play
  13. Aside
    an actors lines intended only for the audience (not heard by other charachters on stage)
  14. Dramatic Irony
    When the audience knows something which the the characters of the play dont
  15. Comic Relif
    the use of comic scence to interupt tense and dramatic moments
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