Psychology 2

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  1. what is most basic emotion
  2. what is anger directed at the self by the self & can lead to depression?
  3. what is anger thought to be directed at self by others; a painful feeling of having done something wrong, improper or silly, loss of reputation, disgrace or dishonor?
  4. blame is anger being directed _______.
  5. blame directed _____ another person is called anger
  6. _______ is typical behavior in anger
  7. what is grief beore a loss occurs; a syndrome characterized by presence of grief in anticipation of death or loss; actual death comes as a confirmation of knowledge or a life-limiting condition
    anticipatory grief
  8. what is the state of tension, typically characterized by rapid heart beat, shortness of breath, & other similar ramifications of arousal of the autonomic nervous system; vauge premenition that somethin undersirable is going to happy
  9. a death has occured & the funeral director is counseling with the family as they select services & items of merchandise in completing arrangements for funeral service of their choice, this is an example of
    at need counseling
  10. what is bowlby known for?
    Attatchement theory
  11. the tendency for human beings to make strong affectional bonds with others coming from the need for safety & security is called _______
  12. what is the event that leads to experiencing the emotion of grief
  13. what is formal or symbolic act or observance
  14. what is a defense mechanism by which a person refuses to see things as they are because such facts are threatening to individuals perception; denies events that have aroused anxiety
  15. a mechanism closes related to repression in which the individual simply denies the exsistence of the events that have aroused anxiety is what?
  16. what is a mechanism by which anger is directed toward a person or object other than the one which originally percipitated the anger
    displaced agression
  17. what is feelings such as happiness, anger or grief examples of
  18. what is alarm, dread & disquiet associated with
  19. what is an emotion involved in mourning
  20. what is the killing of one human being by another
  21. what is not only an inn for travelers, but also an institute designed to treat patients stricken with life threatening illness?
  22. what is an adjustment process which involves grief or sorrow over a period of time & helps in the reorganization of the life of an individual following a loss or death of someone loved
  23. the reaction or body may experience that can be sudden, violent & upsetting disturbance is better known as ______.
  24. SIDS is the acronym for what
    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  25. what is the sudden & unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant, which remains unexplained after complete autopsy & review of circumstances around the death
  26. a deliberate act of self-destruction is also known as ______
  27. homicide against one's self is called ______
  28. what is an unsuccessful attempt made by the person to end his or her own life
    suicidal gesture
  29. what is the guilt felt by survivors
    survivors guilt
  30. what is the sincere feelings for the person who is trying to adjust to a serious loss or the death of a close friend or relative
  31. the most common emotion shown by the parents of a baby who died from SIDS would be ______.
  32. what are external responses to emotion
    crying, shouting & laughing
  33. worry is an example of ______
  34. an intense feeling is also known as ______
  35. the first stage in Dr. Kubler-Ross's theory of anticipatory grief is?
  36. the second stage in Dr. Kubler-Ross's theory would be _______.
  37. grief prior to loss is known as _______.
    anticipatory grief
  38. what is an individual ability to adjust to the psychological & emotional changes brought on by a stresseful event such as the death of a significant other?
  39. eric lindermann is associated with what?
    Grief Syndrome
  40. what is somatic or bodily stress of some type, preoccupation with images of the deceased (hallucinations), guilt realting to the deceased or circumstances of death, hostile reaction & the inability to function as one has before the loss; changes in patterns of conduct?
    Grief syndrome
  41. despite sadness, can laugh & show a varities of emotions appropriate to enviromental shifts, is what a _____ person might look like.
    normally bereaved
  42. what is the one who responds to reassurance, support & comfort; a person who has suffered the death of someone they loved is what
  43. what are the phases associated with Bowlby's theory?
    • Phase 1: shock, alarm, denial
    • Phase 2: acute grief
    • Phase 3: intergration of the loss & grief
  44. who pointed out that the religious teachings about death are not always rational & helpful to the breaved; he helped introduce pastoral counseling as a strategy for the clergy to help the bereaved?
    Edgar Jackson
  45. the ______ respond to reassurance, support & comfort
  46. what is the process of working through grief?
  47. anger directed inward can lead to what?
  48. what are the four types of guilt?
    • 1. guilt associated with the loss itself
    • 2. guilt induced by the lack of knowlege
    • 3. guilt derived from personality factors & childhood
    • 4. survivor guilt
  49. what is any event, person or thing that lessens the degree of pain in grief?
  50. what is being able to carry on daily life tasks, regress to dependency & helplessness during a surge of grief & return again to some level of adequate functioning
  51. what is defined as, behavior as the compulsive need to go after & retrieve that which has been lost?
    Parkes' searching theory
  52. the western society is known for being _____
    death denying
  53. what type of counseling involves helping people facilitate uncomplicated grief
    grief counseling
  54. how does Lindemann define grief
    by grief syndrome; stress, hallucinations & guilt
  55. Grollman would describe a child between the ages of 5 & 9 to comprehend death in what way?
    they may understand that death is final but may not accept it as something that happens to everyone
  56. Grollman would argue that a typical 6 year old would respond to their parents death in what manner?
    understand that death is final & don't accept it
  57. what types of death would allow for anticipatory grief
    Cancer, AIDS, etc
  58. what is the philosophical purpose of a funeral
    focal point to giving meaning to life
  59. barganing is what stage for Kubler-Ross's theory?
  60. Worden is associated with what?
    task of mourning
  61. the first part to Worden's theory is?
    Accepting reality of the loss
  62. what is an intense emotional suffering due to losee; emotion or set of emotions due to a loss that is involved in the work of mourning?
  63. the process of working thru grief is?
  64. what are the three types of suicide defined by Durkheim?
    • 1. Anomic
    • 2. Egoistic
    • 3. Altruistic
  65. what kind of suicide is lack of social integration, person experiences alienation & feels strong sense of anonymity, no net worth so society?
  66. what kind of suicide is societal tabbos make no difference, person focused on self rather than group
  67. what kind of suicide is due to loss of idenity, self sacrifice for the benifit of the group
  68. what is a defense used in gried as return to more familiar & often more primitive modes of coping
  69. what is a being without power to help oneself, being feeble or wear, or feeling incompetent & inefficent
  70. for some people, to be tolerable after loss, life must have
  71. what may be values or the purpose of having a funeral with the body present
    to give closure, helps others give love & support, gain support
  72. what are the benefits to having children present at the funeral
    it is an important family event
  73. what are positive ways to describe death to a child
    share your convictions, speak in concrete terms, grant permission to cry & acknowledge when you don't know the answer
  74. what DONT you say to children regarding death
    make believe stories, say they're sleeping, something you dont believe yourself, god took them
  75. grief of family members affected by
    functional role deceased played in family, attachment
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