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  1. Japanese-American Internment
    We do not trust the Japs. We move all of them away from the coast and put them in camps. This is upheld by the courts as constitutional.
  2. "Rosie the Riveter"
    Rosie represents the females workers who were doing the men's jobs while they were at war.
  3. "Whip Germany First"
    FDR says that we will not go after who attacked us. We will go after Germany. We end up fighting both. We beat Germany a couple of months before we beat Japan.
  4. Ervin Rommel
    He wasn't a Nazzi. He was the General for Germany. Our first big battle against Rommel was in North Africa and he demolished us. Then we change Generals to George S. Patton and we defeat Rommel in North Africa.
  5. Italian Campaign
    • The Italians get out of the war and Mussolini, when we attacked the peninsula. We take the whole peninsula, but the Germans made us earn every inch of it. We are bombing Germany day and night. At first we bomb military targets, then the British want to bomb cities, and we eventually agree.
    • The Germans think we are going to attack France and thought we were going to do so at Calais. They took extraordinary efforts across the whole coast. (German Has France).
  6. D-Day, June 6, 1944
    This was the day we begin to invade France. 150,000 men will be put in 5000 plus ships, to cross the canal, and invade at the peninsula of Normandy, not Calais. This is an allied effort. We push them back, liberate Paris in August of 1944. The Italian campaign is coming to an end with the liberation of Rome at about the same time.
  7. Battle of the Bulge
    On Christmas 1944, Hitler throws his counter offensive strike and we are very surprised by this. They push us back very far, but we do not surrender. We eventually straighten it out and start pushing them back.
  8. V-E Day, May 8, 1945
    This was when Germany surrendered unconditionally.
  9. "island hopping"
    The Japs were attacking all sorts of islands we had annexed. We had to "hop" from island to island and fight the Japs in order to get these islands back.
  10. Iwo Jima
    The Japs had taken this island, and built tunnels inside of it. They weren't on this island, they were in it. They let us land, then surprised us by jumping out of the ground and killing our people.
  11. Holocaust
    This was a systematic effort to eliminate everyone in Europe that wasn't deserving to live. This was not only Jews, it was all undesirables. They poisoned them with gas and then burnt their bodies. The smell of burnt skin could be smelt for miles. The biggest place to burn the bodies was Auschwitz.
  12. Kami Kase Pilots
    These were suicide bomber. A lot of them didn't want to do this, they thought they had to.
  13. Manhattan Project
    • This produces an atomic bomb, when Truman was VP this was kept secret from him, but once he became the President they tell him.
    • He makes the decision that we will use the bomb. We drop it on Hiroshima, August 6, 1945. This probably killed 80,000 people or so. They refuse to surrender.
    • A second bomb is dropped on Nagasaki 3 days later. Still no surrender.
    • We threatened to drop a 3rd bomb on the capital city of Tokyo, but this was just a threat because we did not have another one.
    • They agree to surrender on August 14, 1945. This is known as V-J Day. Japan got to keep their emperor. He helped the people in Japan understand why they had to surrender.
  14. Cold War
    This was a falling out of us and the USSR. From the end of WW2 to the end of the 90s (collapse of the Soviet Union). Little wars are everywhere but nothing major.
  15. Yalta Conference
    • this was in Feb of 1945. It was hosted by Stalin. Planning for the future of Germany. They plan for a post war organization. They call it the United Nations. Replaces old League of Nations. HQ'ed in NYC.
    • The Security Council can do pretty much anything. Soviet Union and US are permanent members of the Council. They discussed what would happen to Poland and for a post war government in Germany.
    • Each major allied country would have a zone of Germany, and control it. It was divided up between Gb, US, FR, and USSR. USSR got the biggest chunk. Meant to be temporary. They also divided up the capital, Berlin the same way and it was completley in USSR's zone.
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