IELTS voc 4

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  1. disappointment
    feeling of being let down
  2. fulfillment
    • contentment, serenity, joy, success, nirvana
    • achievement
  3. insight
    • vision, understanding
    • perceptiveness
  4. outlook
  5. pessimist
    very negative person
  6. bored
    • tired and impatient
    • bored to death
  7. recreational
    • spare time, fun, frivolous
    • not for work
  8. spoil
    • damage or ruin something
    • become rotten (cannot be eaten)
  9. appeal
    • attract
    • request something
  10. live life on the edge
    live life without fear
  11. live life to the full
    carpe diem
  12. make a living
    be successful, be up with the goods
  13. set a goal
    then achieve a goal
  14. all walks of life
    all social, economic, ethnic groups
  15. once in lifetime opportunity
  16. elderly
    people past middle age (after middle age)
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