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  1. Mutagen
    something that causes mutations in living things
  2. Mutations
    changes that cause offspring to have characteristics different from the parents
  3. natural selection
    a process fundeamental to evolution according to Charles Darwin
  4. Neurotransmitter
    any one of a number of chemicals that are used to transmit nerve signals across a synapse
  5. Nitrogen Fixing
    the conversion of atmosphereic nitrogen info forms of nitrogen that plants can absorb
  6. Nucleic Acids
    organic molecules found in the nucei of cells
  7. Necleotides
    the basic groupings of molecules that appear along the double helix of the DNA molecule
  8. Nucleus
    In biology, the classification lower than class and higher than a family
  9. Omnivore
    an animal whose normal diets includes both plants and animals
  10. Order
    in biology, the classification lower than class and higher than a family
  11. Organ
    part of a living thing, distinct from other parts, that is adapted for a specific function
  12. Organelles
    parts of a cell that store food, discharge waste, produce energy, or perform other functions analogous to what organs do in large living things
  13. Organic Compounds
    the compounds containing carbon that are typically found in living systems
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