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  1. Mathew Worked for the _____ government
  2. The way you feel about your family will shape a great deal
    of your ____
  3. We are to obey our parents because they are representatives
    of the
    the Lord Jesus Christ
  4. One who resists authority resists
    resists God
  5. Love is _____ to meet the needs of another
    giving of myself
  6. _____are the most importnant group of people in our lives, outside our families
    Our friends
  7. List the 3 levels of friendship and their definitions
    • 1. Acquaintences -people we see occasionally, smal conversationĀ 
    • 2. Casual Friendships - People with whom we have a common interestĀ 
    • 3. Close Friendships - Your life goals must be the same, based on harmony of spirit
  8. Our responsibility to acquaintences is to
    show Christian love
  9. Casual friendship is the ____, people with whom we have a ____
    Common interest
  10. Our responsible to casual friends is to ___
    develop Christian love
  11. Close friendships are based on common ____
  12. Our responsibility to close friends is to ___
    strengthen Christian love
  13. As Christian friends we have what 5 areas of responsibility that we consider?
    • 1. Be a giving friend
    • 2. Be a building friend
    • 3. Be a peace-making friend
    • 4. Be a loyal friend
    • 5. Be a restoring friend
  14. Those who reject Christ must reject ____
  15. Purpose to let God choose your friends on the basis of their ___and their____ to your help
    needs and openness
  16. An overriding principle in John 17 relating to our relationships o non-Christians is the principle of
  17. What 2 overriding principles need to be considered as we talk about our relationship to the world?
    • 1. avoid close relationships with non-Christians
    • 2. Christians are not to avoid necessary relationships with non-Christians
  18. Godly Leadership begins in the
  19. the home of the servant leader has in it the goal of ___
    pleasing God by becoming like Christ
  20. Ephesians give the wife the job of submitting to her husband, just as she would to the _____
  21. Obeying and honoring our parents and the Lord are our way of demonstating our ____ for God
  22. The best practice for any servant is the ____
  23. Being a servant is the privilege of _____
    practicing the mind of christ
  24. ___ Will be the pacesetter for love in the home
    the man
  25. _____is the condition in which one part of your life faces another part of your life, and they both say the same thing
  26. Remember that problems are often ___ In disguise
  27. A problem well handled can be a _____ because it opens the opportunity to trust God for His way of solving it.
  28. Show that you ____God by doing what He says
  29. Be more concerning about pleasing _____rather than pleasing others
  30. List the 3 tactics of enticement
    • 1. involvement
    • 2. inducement
    • 3. entanglement
  31. the simple fool is someone who acts___and thinks_____
    acts now, thinks later
  32. Let god cover the ___
    sin in His way
  33. By standing for right we are giving others an opportunity to choose____
  34. One of the blessings of being in a Bible Church and being involved in a good Christian school is ___
    positive peer-pressure
  35. Problems are inevitable, but how we handle them reflects our
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