Act 3 Julius Caesar Vocabulary

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  1. Appeased
    soothed or settled down

    (past tense verb)
  2. Censure
    judge or criticize

  3. Confounded
    confused or overwhelmed

    (Past Tense Verb)
  4. Dint
    Force or impact

  5. Enfanchisment
    end of slavery

  6. Extenuated
    Reduced or lessened

    (past tense verb)
  7. Malice
    Hatred or cruelty

  8. Prostrate
    lying face down or prone

  9. Unassailable
    Not open to attack or invulnerable

  10. Vanquished
    Beaten or deafeated

    (past tense verb)
  11. What are the four past tense verbs?
    Confounded, Extenuated, Vanquished, and Appeased
  12. What is the only adjective?
  13. What are the 2 verbs?
    Prostrate and Censure
  14. What are the 3 nouns?
    Malice, Enfranchisment, and Dint
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