KIN 2509 Ch 20

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  1. anxiety
    fear or apprehension accompanied by physical symptoms such as tension, restlessness, tachycardia, tightness in the chest, and breathlessness
  2. compulsion
    uncontrollable thoughts or impulse to perform an act repeatedly
  3. defense mechanism
    unconscious psychological mechanism used to control anxiety; common ones include rationalization, projection, denial, and repression
  4. delirium
    an altered state of consciousness consisting of confusion, agitation, disorientation, memory problems, delusions, and/or hallucinations
  5. delusion
    a false belief or incorrect judgement that cannot be changed by logical reasoning or evidence to the contrary
  6. depression
    feelings of sadness, guilt, hopelessness, and worthlessness; accompanied by sleep problems, eating difficulties, and lack of energy
  7. hallucinations
    false or unreal sensory perception of an object or event when no such stimulus is present
  8. mania
    feelings of extreme euphoria or irritability, accompanied by rapid speech, decreased need for sleep, distractibility, and poor judgement
  9. neurosis
    a mental disorder in which anxiety is the primary characteristic; in contrast to psychosis, there is no gross distortion of reality
  10. obsession
    a recurrent and persistent thought or urge to do something
  11. psychosis
    a mental disorder causing gross distortion of reality or impairment of a person's capicity to think and communicate; usually characterized by hallucinations and/or delusions
  12. hallucin/o
  13. hypn/o
  14. iatr/o
    physician, medicine, treatment
  15. ment/o
  16. neur/o
  17. phren/o
    diaphragm, mind
  18. psych/o
  19. hallucinogen
    an agent that produces hallucinations
  20. hypnosis
    • an induced, trancelike state during which perception and memory are altered, resulting in increased responsiveness to suggestion
    • used to treat phobias and anxiety, and to manage pain
  21. psychiatrist
    a specialist who treats mental disorders
  22. mental
    pertaining to the mind
  23. neurosis
    a disease of nerve, a mental disorder
  24. schizophrenia
    psychiatric disorder characterized by psychoses
  25. psychology
    the study of the mind
  26. schiz/o
  27. somat/o
  28. schizoid
    characteristic of resembling schizophrenia; a person, not necessarily a schizophrenic, who exhibits the traits of a schizoid personality
  29. psychosomatic
    the expression of an emotional conflict through physical symptoms
  30. -mania
    state of mental disorder, frenzy
  31. -philia
    attraction for
  32. -phobia
  33. -phoria
    feeling (mental state)
  34. -thymia
    mind, emotion
  35. kleptomania
    a disorder of impulse control characterized by a morbid tendency to steal
  36. pedophilia
    an abnormal attraction to children by an adult for sexual purposes
  37. xenophobia
    fear of strangers
  38. euphoria
    good feeling
  39. dysthymia
    chronic depressed mood
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