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  1. Tranexamic/Lysteda
    Anti-fibrinolytic agent, for heavy menstrual bleeding.
  2. Clomiphene/Clomid
    Treeat ovarian failure and male infertility, Increase pituitary output.
  3. Chorionic gonad./Chorex
    Treat undescended testis, stimulate ovulation.
  4. Chorionic gonad. Alpha/Ovidrel
    Final follicular maturation, induce ovulation.
  5. Gonadorelin/Lutrepulse
    Synthetic injection for primary hypothalamic amenorrhea.
  6. Nafarelin/Synarel
    Nasal solution for endometriosis and precocious puberty.
  7. Histerlin/Supperlin
    Injection for precocious puberty.
  8. Vantus
    Implant for palliative care for prostate cancer, decreases testosterone levels.
  9. Urofollitropin/Fertinex
    Follitropin a/Gonal F
    Follitropin b/Follistim
    For polycystic ovary and follicular stimulation.
  10. Menotropins/Pergonal or Humegon
    Ovulation induction and stimulation of spermatogenesis.
  11. Antagon and Cetrotide (both)
    GnHR antagonist treat infertility.
  12. Lutropin/Luveris
    Injection, recomb form of luteinizing hormone, follical stim. and infertility.
  13. Abarelix/Plenaxis
    IM injection to treat prostate cancer by chemical castration. Blocks GnRH receptors, decrease FSH and LH, decrease Test. Can cause anaphylaxis
  14. Tesamone
    Short acting test. aqueous suspension
  15. Testopel
    short acting test. SubQ pellets
  16. Testoderm
    short acting test. Transdermal
  17. Striant
    short acting test. Buccal form New for 2003
  18. Axiron, Fortesta
    Short acting test. Topical solution for hypogonadism.
  19. Testosterone Enanthate/Andro LA
    Long acting test. Depo prodrug for injection.
  20. Testosterone Cypionate
    long acting test. Depo prodrug for injection.
  21. Methyl Test./Oreton methyl
    Chem mod steroid, prolong activity and decrease 1st pass.
  22. Fluoxymestrone/Halotestin
    chem mod steroid, highly fluorinated
  23. Danazol/Danocrine
    chem mod steroid, treat endometriosis, inhibits pituitary gonado.
  24. Finasterid/Propecia
    Treat BPH and alopecia by inhibiting 5a-reductase
  25. Dutasteride/Avodart
    BPH, inhibits 5a-reductase
  26. Jalyn
    combo of Dutasteride and Tamsulosin.
  27. Alfuzosin/Uroxatral
    BPH, non-steroidal, relax smooth muscle, take with food.
  28. Silodosin/Rapaflo
    BPH, non-steroidal, more selective for alpha 1A in the bladder, less side effects
  29. Oxandrolone/Oxandrin
    Anabolic activity, promote weight gain after surgery
  30. Oxymetholone/Anadrol-50
    For anemias, stimulates more RBC
  31. Oxandrolone decanoate/Deca-Durabolin
    Depo for anemias, and often used in dialysis
  32. Stanoxzolol/Winstrol
    Hereditary angioedema
  33. Danazol
    Hereditary, angioedema
  34. Cinryne
    derived from human plasma, for prophylaxis in hereditary angioedema.
  35. Berinert
    derived from plasma, for acute attacks of hereditary angioedema.
  36. Ecallantide/Kalbitor
    Uses recomb DNA, reduces excessive Bradykinin, acute attacks hereditary angioedema, watch for anaphylaxis.
  37. Icatibant/Firazyr
    antagonist of bradykinin, acute attacks of hereditary ang.
  38. Lenalidomide/Revlimid
    Analog of Thalidomide, treat transfusion dependent anemia.
  39. RU-486/Mifeprex
    Abortifacient, Progesterone antagonist. prevents DNA transcription
  40. Prostaglandin E2/Prepidil
    Abortifacient, Stimulates uterine contraction...Also induces LABOR.
  41. Prostaglandin F2/Hemabate
    Abortifacient, Stimulates uterine contraction.
  42. Oxytocin
    used with Prostaglandin E2 to induce labor.
  43. Ergonovine/Ergotrate
    Post partum and abortal bleeding, injection usually used in the hopital.
  44. Methylergonovine/Methergine
    Post partum and abortal bleeding, injection or TABLET usually used in home.
  45. Ritodrine/Yutopar
    Management of pre-term labor.
  46. Bisphosphonates
    Incorporates into the bone preventing bone resorption. Very poor absorption in gut, takes a long time to exit the body.
  47. Etidronate/Didronel
    Bisph. injection or tablet, 1st generation.
  48. Pamidronate/Aredia
    Bisph. injection
  49. Tiludronate/Skelid
    Bisph. tablets
  50. Alendronate/Fosamax
    Bisph. 2nd generation
  51. Risedronate/Actonel
    Bisph.3rd generation.
  52. Zoledronic acid/Zometa
    hypercalcemia due to malignancy
  53. Zolendronic/Reclast
    Once yearly for osteoporosis
  54. Ibandronate/Boniva
    post-menopausal osteoporosis. Tablet form
  55. Teriparatide/Forteo
    Used for people that can not take Bisph. Stimulates new bone growth... May cause cancer.
  56. Denosumab/Prolia
    Treat postmenopausal Osteo, RANKL inhibitor.
  57. Cinacalcet/Sensipar
    Treat secondary hyperparathyroidism, increases Ca sensing receptors, and reverses Ca loss from bone.
  58. Metopirone
    Diagnostic test of pituitary adrenocorticotropic function.
  59. Cytadren
    adrenal steroid inhibitor. treat cushings
  60. Mifepristone/Corlux
    useful in treating psychosis and depression with cushings
  61. Cortisone/Cortone
    Adrenal insufficiency (many other uses).
  62. Betamethasone/(Celestone)
    Adrenocortical steroid
  63. Adrenocortical Steroids
    • Dexamethasone
    • Prednisone
    • Prednisolone
    • Triamcinolone
  64. Fludrocortisone
    Only mineralocorticoid product. allows the body to hold on to salt and water
  65. Leflunomide/Arava
    Treat RA, and anti-inflammatory. ultimately decreases number of inflammatory cells. Contra. in pregnancy.
  66. Sometrem/Protropin
    Growth hormone, powder for injection.
  67. Somatropin/Humatrope
    GRowth hormone
  68. Mesasermin/Increlex
    Insulin-like growth factor
  69. Octreotide/Sandostatin
    treat acromegaly and is also good for certain types of diarrhea
  70. Somatuline
    Long-term product for acromegaly
  71. Nitisinone/Orfadin
    Treat hereditary tyrosinemia, Orphan drug
  72. Calcitonin-salmon/Miacalcin
    Another method other then bisphos. to treat osteo.
  73. Conivaptan/Vaprisol
    treat Euvolemic hyponatremia, allows the body to get rid of water but hold on to salt.
  74. Tolvaptan/Samsca
    treat hypervolemic hyponatremia, excrete water hold on to salt
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