Engines Ch6

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  1. What is Pascal's law?
    Pressure applied to an enclosed or confied liquid is transmitted equally in all directions without loss and acts with equal force on equal surfaces.
  2. What is the output pressure of most aircraft hydraulic systems?
    3,000 psi
  3. What do hydraulic systems multiply?
  4. The force multiplication achieved in a hydraulic system is accomplished by a decrease in _________ movement.
  5. What are the two types of power pumps used to generate fluid pressure in hydraulic systems?
    Constant displacement and variable displacement pumps.
  6. What are the functions of the reservoir?
    Store fluid, trap impurities, dissipate heat, purge air bubbles.
  7. What does the pressure regulator or unloader valve do during normal operation?
    Used with the constant displacement pump. Regulates the system pressure to normal limits.
  8. What is the purpose of the accumulator?
    System shock absorber, supplements system pressure during peak operations, one time emergency use.
  9. What is the function of the check valve?
    Ensure one way fluid flow.
  10. What is the purpose of the selector valve?
    Redirects the flow of fluid for system operation
  11. Why is a relief valve included in a hydraulic system?
    As a safety backup in case of over-pressurization of the hydraulic system.
  12. Changing the position of the selector valve will have what effect on the movement of fluid in the system?
    Reverse the flow of hydraulic fluid, changing the direction of travel to the actuator.
  13. What is the purpose of the hydraulic fuse?
    Helps guard against leaks by isolating a part of the system.
  14. What is the purpose of the actuating cylinder?
    Converts fluid energy into mechanical motion.
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