Engine EOs

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  1. what is the relationship between static and dynamic pressure?
    static is the weight of molecules pressing in all directions (potential energy), Dynamic is the pressure of molecules moving (kinetic energy).
  2. State Bernoulli's theorem.
    as any incompressible fluid passes through a convergent opening, its velocity increases and pressure decreases while a subsonic fluid passing through a divergent opening experiences a decrease in velocity and a pressure increase.
  3. what is the behavior of air in a nozzle? in a diffuser?
    in a nozzle, velocity increases and pressure decreases. In a diffuser, velocity decreases and pressure increases.
  4. identify the three main sections of a gas turbine engine.
    Compressor, Combustion chamber, turbine
  5. describe the Brayton cycle.
    all steps in the cycle occur simultaneously vs. the Otto cycle in which the steps happen consecutively.
  6. describe the compressor and state its function.
    three kinds, centrifugal, axial, axial centrifugal. purpose is to increase the total pressure of the air by accelerating and slowing it down. velocity remains constant while pressure increases.
  7. describe the combustion chamber.
    three kinds: can, annular, can-annular. purpose is to mix fuel and air and burn it in a contolled way to further increase pressure while adding heat energy. uses 25% of total airflow for combustion, remainder used in cooling and propulsion.
  8. describe the turbine.
    series of rotor and stator blades that convert energy in air flow into mechanical energy. they consume 75% of total exhaust energy from the combustion chamber
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