Science - Human Health

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  1. State the reasons why we need food

    Growth and repair of cells
  2. What is the unit used to measure energy in food?
    Kilojoules (kJ)

    Kilocalories (kcal)
  3. List the five nutrients found in food
    Very Fit People Munch Carrots

    • Vitamins
    • Fat
    • Protein
    • Minerals
    • Carbohydrates
  4. List the factors that influence a peron's diet


    Activity Level
  5. What is a balanced diet?
    This is a diet that has the correct amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water
  6. List foods high in fibre
    Brown bread

    Brown rice

    High fibre cereals
  7. Explain the funcion of fibre in the diet
    To prevent constipation
  8. List examples of foods high in carbohydrates


  9. Explain the function of carbohydrates in your diet
    To give us energy
  10. List examples of foods high in protein



  11. Explain the function of proteins in your diet
    For growth and repair
  12. List examples of foods high in fat


  13. State the function of vitamins
    For healthy gums, teeth and immune system
  14. List examples of foods high in vitamins
    Fruit and Vegetables

    Dairy products eg. milk, cheese and yogurt
  15. State the function of iron
    To make red blood cells
  16. List examples of foods high in iron
    Red meat

    Fruit and Vegetables

    Dairy products eg. milk, cheese and yogurt
  17. State the function of calcium
    For healthy bones and teeth
  18. List examples of food high in calcium



  19. Explain the function of fats in your diet
    To give us heat and energy
  20. State the chemical used to test for the presence of starch
  21. State the chemicals used to test for the presence of protein
    Copper sulphate and Sodium Hydroxide
  22. State the chemical used to test for the presence of carbohydrates
    Benedict's solution
  23. What is malnutrition?
    This is a diet that is not balanced

    It is not only caused by a shortage of food but also due to eating too much food
  24. What is a disease?
    This is a condition that affects an organism's ability to work normally
  25. What is a deficiency disease?
    This is caused by a lack of a particular nutrient

    For example scurvy is caused by a lack of Vitamin C which leads to bleeding gums, loose teeth and joint problems
  26. List examples of deficiency diseases?

    High blood pressure



  27. State a cause of obesity
    Eating foods high in sugar and fat

    Not getting enough exercise
  28. State a cause of high blood pressure
    Having too much saturated fat in the diet 

    Too much salt in the diet
  29. State a cause of diabetes
    Having too much sugar and fat in the diet
  30. State a cause of osteoporosis
    Not having enough calcium and Vitamin D in the diet
  31. State a cause of anaemia
    Not having enough iron in the diet
  32. What lifestyle choices should a person make in order to be health?
    Avoiding cigarettes and drugs

    Limiting alcohol


    Lots of rest

    Drinking lots of water
  33. List the effects of smoking
    It clogs up the hairs in the nose allowing dirt to enter the lungs

    It causes mucus to form which leads to 'smokers cough'

    It increases the risk of pneumonia and bronchitis

    It increases the risk of lung cancer

    It can lead to heart attacks

    It can affect the development of a baby
  34. List the benefits of exercise
    It prevents weight gain

    It reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, depression, cancer and arthritis

    It improves our sleep

    It increases our energy

    It improves our mood
  35. List the effects of alcohol
    It can reduce our vision, hearing and movement

    It affects our emotions

    It can cause a person to become aggressive and angry
  36. List the benefits of sleep
    It improves our concentration

    It makes us more alert

    It increases our energy levels

    It allows our body to recover and heal
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