Bio Test Part 2

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  1. What is the function of the presynaptic cleft?
    sends signals
  2. What is the function of the postsynaptic cleft?
    receives the signal
  3. What is the function of an electrical synapse?
    electric charge freely flows through gap junctions from cell to cell
  4. What is the function of a chemical synapse?
    neurotransmitter acts as a signal from presynaptic to postsynaptic cell
  5. In a chemical synapse, what opens gated calcium channels?
    action potential
  6. calcium triggers_______releasing neurotransmitter into the synaptic cleft
  7. How many different types of neurotransmitters are there?
  8. What are the two types of neurotransmitters?
    excitatory and inhibitory
  9. binding of neurotransmitter changes membrane potential of the_______
    postsynaptic cell
  10. What is the function of an excitatory postsynaptic potential?
    brings membrane closer to threshold potential
  11. What is the function of an inhibitory postsynaptic potential?
    takes membrane farther from threshold potential (hyperpolarization)
  12. What is acetylcholine?
    released at neuromuscular junctions and is excitatory in the brain and skeletal muscles but inhibitory in cardiac muscle
  13. What are biogenic amines?
    they have widespread physiological effects and are psychoactive. Includes adrenelin. When you have abnormal levels, its associated with several mental illnesses.
  14. What are neuropeptides?
    includes opiate peptides like endorphins
  15. What are ionotropic receptors?
    ligand gated ion channels open in response to a neurotransmitter
  16. What are metabotropic receptors?
    g protein coupled receptors initiate changes in postsynaptic cell
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