Bio Test Part 3

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  1. What is the function of the pancreas?
    senses blood sugar levels and produces two hormones, glucagon and insulin
  2. What is glucagon?
    raises blood glucose levels. induces glycogenesis in liver and gluconogenesis in adipose
  3. what is glyconogensis?
    glycogen breakdown
  4. What is gluconogenesis?
    fat breakdown
  5. What is insulin?
    lowers blood glucose and induces glucose uptake by liver, muscle and adipose cells. induces glycogen and fat synthesis
  6. What kind of cells produce glucagon?
    alpha cells
  7. what kind of cells produce insulin?
    beta cells
  8. What are some types of plant hormones?
    peptides and RNA's along with auxins, gibberellins and absciscic acid
  9. What are gibberellins?
    they enhance plant growth and are often used on seedless grapes
  10. What is abscisic acid?
    a stress hormone. It coordinates plant responses to abiotic environmental responses. It also slows or stops plant metabolism when growing conditions are poor
  11. What are auxins?
    master plant hormones that induce vascular tissue to differentiate, promotes root formation and stimulates fruit development
  12. What are some effects of auxins?
    • stimulates seedless fruit production
    • retards premature fruit drop
    • pinching shoot buds produces bushy plants
    • used as herbicides (agent orange)
  13. Where is auxin mainly produced?
    apical shoot tips and young leaves
  14. Highly localized patterns of hormone action result from...
    • localized patterns of transport
    • localized patterns of synthesis
    • localized patterns of degradation or inactivation
    • localized patterns of expression of signal transduction and response regulators
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