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  1. Systemic cellular signaling is often transported in what body system?
    Circulatory system
  2. Do hormones target specific cells?
    true; only cells with the proper receptors and other signal transduction molecules can respond. Different cells might show different responses.
  3. Why are hormones important?
    To keep homeostasis and coordinating activities in different parts of an organism
  4. What are endocrine glands?
    specialized hormone secreting cells
  5. What are the 3 classes of hormones?
    Proteins/peptides(most hormones), amines(derived from tyrosine and tryptophan), and steroids (cholesterole derivitives/use carriers)
  6. What 2 hormone receptors are generally soluble in water?
    Proteins/peptides and Amines
  7. Protein/peptide and Amines receptor hormones are located where?
    on the cell surface. not able to cross plasma membrane
  8. What hormone receptor is lipid soluble?
    Steroid hormones. Access receptors in cytosol or the nucleus. Can cross plasma membrane.
  9. What activates the endocrine system?
    sensory stimuli detected by the nervous system
  10. Hypothalmic neurohormones produced by the hypothalamus activate what organ directly?
    The pituitary gland
  11. What gland is known as the master gland and why?
    The piutitary gland and because it synthesizes 6 different hormones, acts on other glands or structures, and secretes directly into the blood stream
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